Re-Invention for Worship: Intentionality, Instruction, Intensity, Inclusion

It’s tempting to begin this piece by claiming that its “brought to you by the letter I.” Levity aside, the challenge facing our Church to re-invent itself, and its worship in particular, is serious and complex. Employing music bands and video screens is no more effective than a person deciding

Relationship and Community for the New Year

While we mark the beginning of the liturgical year with candles and Advent songs of anticipation, the secular New Year arrives with more of a bang – countdowns, calendars, and champagne corks – and resolutions to re-invent ourselves. Fitness classes will be busier in January, and stores will promise an

January Magazine 2020

In this issue on Re-invention, we are looking at ways we can shake things up in the Church. Former bishop Don Phillips offers some thoughts on re-inventing worship, and Michelle Owens from the Centre for Christian Studies challenges us to re-invent our relationships. We will also follow up with the

Companion Parish Connections in Rupert’s Land and Uganda

The Diocese of Rupert’s Land and the Diocese of Central Buganda have had a “companion diocese” relationship for about 20 years – the most recent covenant covers the period 2017–2021. St. George’s, Crescentwood is partnered with the parish of All Martyrs, in Ndoddo, Uganda. Like all partner parishes, we pray

A Tale of Two Fields

This is a story about a pair of fields I used to know. The first field, or rather, a corner of this field, which sat on my dad’s land, was one I drove by every day growing up. On the South and East sides of this field was a gravel

Dickens and Turning Traditions

As we move into Advent, we move into a period of expectantly waiting for the feast of Christmas and the new year, when calendars turn over and a new decade begins. At saint benedict’s table, we save Christmas carols till the season of Christmas. Advent is a special season at

Lamentation and Dementia

They said he was born lucky. His body grew tall and strong, and he excelled in sports. His mind was quick, and he learned effortlessly. People liked him, and he progressed easily in business. He married his high school sweetheart and their children were their pride and joy. His business

December Magazine 2019

In December’s issue on Turnings and Yearnings, we’re exploring the balance between change and tradition, the turning of the old year into the new. Hannah Foulger writes about grief and changing traditions at Christmas through the lens of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and Ryan Turnbull extrapolates on some new

Introduction to Advent

He came with love to Bethlehem; He comes with grace into our souls; He will come with justice at the end of the world. –Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, Divine Intimacy Advent simply means “to come” (Latin: advenire, from ad – “to,” venire – “come”). Christians have traditionally set

‘Just Visiting’

At saint benedict’s table, we’re big on the season of Advent. That’s partly my doing, as Advent is the season I most treasure, but I’m far from the only person in our community who has come to love the season. We take care to emphasize the themes of expectation, preparedness,

Reddening in the Dark

I can remember only one glorious summer when my father decided to become a gardener. To fully appreciate this wondrous event you need to know something of my father. He is a Portuguese immigrant, who came to Canada claiming on his immigration forms that he was skilled to work on

Preparing the Table

As seen in Acts 6:1–6, the diaconal ministry has been deeply involved in the church since its earliest days. One of a deacon’s many roles was to help the bishop with distributing communion elements, with the bishop sharing the bread and the deacon sharing the wine. In the examination at

November Magazine 2019

Theo Robinson writes about the importance of the deacon’s role of preparing the table for Eucharist. Steve Bell offers a reflection on Advent as a season of active preparation. And Jamie Howison writes about getting ready to receive those parishioners who only visit at Christmas. In via media, Kirsten Pinto

Christian Veganism?

To paraphrase St. Paul, I have no commandment from the Lord on this topic, but I give my opinion. Christian veganism makes sense to me, and I am deliberate in my choice of adjective here. I am vegan because I am Christian. My diet is an outworking of my faith,

Rogation Service Celebrates Growing Hope

We drove southwest from Winnipeg along highways and country roads, along fields green with spring planting. After about two hours, the endlessly flat eastern prairie vista opened suddenly below us to reveal the Pembina River Valley. There, nestled at the bottom was our destination, was the small white church of

Thinking about the National Inquiry’s Report on MMIWG

How do we approach this document as the Church? Over the course of the summer, a group of 10–15 people from a variety of denominations met at Saint Paul’s, Fort Garry to discuss the recently published, 1,200-page document, Reclaiming Power and Place, the Report of the National Inquiry on Missing

October Magazine 2019

In October’s issue, we’re not only exploring the harvest, but what we do with it. In a spread about the Agricultural Church Year, Suzanne Rumsey from PWRDF details the Rogation service she attended at St. Luke’s, Pembina Crossing in June and Chris Lea explains what Rogation means to him. Micheal

Diversity is a Strength: An Interview with Gail Schnabl

Gail Schnabl is the Diocesan Refugee Coordinator. I had the chance to sit down with her and ask some questions about refugee work in Rupert’s Land. – KN Can you tell me about the refugee work of the diocese? How long have you been involved and what is your role?


Faithful Service

In this month’s issue, former RLN editor Jude Claude writes a community catechesis reflecting on Karl Barth’s understanding of the “pistis Christou” debate –  the theological distinction between “faith of Christ” and “faith in Christ” – as it relates to the recent protest by self-immolation of US serviceman Aaron Bushnell.

Cass Smith’s article “When Faithful Leadershership is Not Effective Leadership” explores common pitfalls leaders fall into when working within unjust systems. She also discusses how the expectations people hold of those in leadership sometimes contribute to their burnout, calling for us to have a more gracious and human understanding of those in leadership.

For the Lenten season, Paul Dyck reviews two films, Zone of Interest and Perfect Days, each of which attends to the mundanity of ordinary life while troubling us with how the everyday is often unsettlingly close to the extremes of human monstrosity.

This month’s parish profile interviews the Rev. Wilson Akinwale and Deb Buxton from St. George’s Anglican (Transcona) discussing the parish’s rich history, its evangelical/contemporary approach to worship, and community engagement including their recent Black history service.

To close out the issue, a directory of Holy Week services is offered as a guide for the Easter Season.

I hope you enjoy this month’s articles.

Read and download the March issue here.


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