Photo of a medium-sized black and white dog outside, in the sun, looking contented beneath the branches of a cherry blossom tree.

Community Catechesis: Resurrection and the Good Life

The New Testament speaks of resurrection from two distinct angles: 1) the resurrection of Jesus and 2) the resurrection of the dead. The resurrection of Jesus—his departure from the grave—was the vindication of his mission, his elevation beyond all worldly authorities and dominion (Col 1:15-20). In rising from the dead,

Painting by Megan D. Krause. The painting is made up of geometric and organic three-dimentional forms in whites, grays, blacks, reds and blues. The painting resembles a landscape or ecosystem.

Captivated in Our Chain – Artwork by Megan D. Krause

  About the Artist By juxtaposing organic and synthetic images, Megan examines the push and pull that occurs between humans and nature. In the spaces in between she strives to capture the ephemeral qualities, the wind, and energy, the breathing environment, those reliable elements that remind us of the unrelenting

Institutional Sin and the Wellbeing of 2SLGBTQIA+ Persons

The Church of England has recently again refused to allow same-sex marriage, while instituting some blessings for sex and gender diverse persons. While not under the dictate of Church of England determinations about the marriage canon, 2SLGBTQIA+ persons in Canada, even in officially “affirming” communities have been subjected to renewed

The cover of RLN's March issue. It features a photo taken from high in the sky with clouds beneath and giant factory chimneys piercing through them, billowing smoke. The theme of the magazine is "Sins of the Heart." The featured articles are "12 Artwork by Megan Krause Institutional Sin and 7 2SLGBTQIA+ Well-being 14 Review: From the Religion of Whiteness to Religion Otherwise"

March Magazine 2023: Sins of the Heart

Sins of the Heart This issue features contributions concerned with “sins of the heart.” In our Community Catechesis section, Gwen McAllister introduces readers to the Korean concept of han and its connection to sin, as outlined by theologian Andrew Sung Park. Then, Merrill Grant, Kaitlyn Duthie-Kannikkatt, and Sandra Bender each

A close-up photo of half of a young, masculine person's face. The person has dark brown hair, and bright blue eyes, one of which is looking into the camera. Beneath the eye is a band-aid with a very small red rose peaking out the top of it.

Speaking Up for Silenced Voices

Silence is a double-edged sword. It can be equally beautiful and comforting as dangerous and scary. There are moments in life where being silent or sitting in quiet can be important. In church liturgy there are various periods of silence strategically placed throughout a worship service so that a person

Artwork by Denys Gerashchenko. Abstract shapes appear in deep blue and bright yellow against a white/cream backdrop.

Refuge and Relationships: Hosting Ukrainian Refugees at St John’s College

The following is an interview Allison Abra, Warden/Vice-Chancellor at St John’s College, and Matthew Bowman, Dean of Residence at St John’s College.       Can you speak briefly about what St John’s is and the work that the college does? Allison: St John’s is the educational institution for the

A painting by Odilon Redon which depicts a pale woman with brown hair, gazing downwards with two fingers over her lips. Her expression looks concerned or distressed. She is framed by an oval of white/cream paint.

Silent Presence in the Face of Suffering

Part of the work of the church in the world is to care for those who suffer. Thus, it is asked of the Body of Christ to grow our capacity to do so with wisdom. However, in the face of suffering we are often undone; we don’t know what to

Black and white photo of a person sitting and using a Mac laptop which is perched on their lap.

Online Services in Rupert’s Land

  St. Aidan’s, Winnipeg: Sunday morning live stream services and mid-week online content is available on the parish YouTube channel, “St Aidan’s Winnipeg Online” and website: St. Alban’s, Kenora, Ontario: Live streams on Sundays at 10:00 a.m saint benedict’s table: Live streams Evening Prayer at 5:00 p.m. daily. | Sundays

February Magazine 2023: In the Silence

In the Silence This month, contributors to the magazine converse with silence. In our Community Catechesis section, Phil Barnett writes about the Christian contemplative tradition and introduces readers to spiritual practices of silence. Kirsten Pinto-Gfroerer meditates on silence amid suffering—on “trusting silence” which may sit with pain. Allison Abra and

Parish Profile: St. Mary’s, Sioux Lookout

Our church was built in 1910, when a lady in England donated 50 pounds for the church’s construction. At her request the church was named “St. Mary’s.” The first Anglican service for the church was held in Mullin’s Pool Room on June 5, 1910, led by a Lutheran minister. The

Close-up, angled image of rainbow paint swept across a white canvas.

“It’s Community”: Pat Stewart on the Work of Sunshine House

Sunshine House is self-described as “a community drop-in centre focusing on harm reduction and social inclusion,” which works “to provide programming that fulfills people’s social, community, and recreational needs.” Currently Sunshine House offers several indispensable community programs, including its twice-weekly afternoon drop-in program which provides “space for community members to

Photo of the moon in the night sky.

January Magazine 2023

  This month’s issue asks contributors to engage with the question: “What do we understand to be the good news? How is good news embodied in our communities?” Their answers are deeply enriching. In “Becoming Equal Partners in Christ,” Elder Ellen Cook writes about treaty relationships and asks “Have we

A photo taken from the perspective of inside a canoe. The Canoe is on a large body of water, likely a lake. There is a hint of a sunset, and a black silhouette of land in the distance.

Becoming Equal Partners in Christ’s Discipleship

Have we truthfully and wholly begun to travel in two boats side by side as equals without the other trying to steer the other’s boat or canoe? The oldest treaty, the two-row wampum belt, was a treaty between the Dutch and Haudenosaunee in the early 1600’s. The agreement between the

A street photo. In the foreground is a lampost with a circular poster on it which reads "solidarity" in all capital letters.

Community Catechesis: The Gift of Justice

What does it mean to say that grace is a gift? What does grace as gift have to do with justice? When I was growing up I was told that we are all sinners who are unable before God to pay the price of our sins, and so God graciously


Fruits of the Spirit

What would a society based on the fruits of the spirit look like? What kind of vulnerability and courage would it take to let go of our selfishness, fears, and jealousy?

In this month’s Community Catechesis section, drawn from discussions at A Rocha Canada and St Margaret’s Anglican Church’s Be Not Afraid/Consider the Lillies conference, Deanna Zantigh responds to the question “Is the earth cursed?” and considers the interconnectedness of social and ecological disequilibrium, and the fruitfulness to be found in humble, cross-divisional respect and relationship with others.

In an interview with members of Black Anglicans, Diocese of Rupert’s Land Chapter, individuals speak about anti-black racism in the Anglican church and the need for real and meaningful representation in governing structures and in church life.

John Samson Fellows’ article considers the call felt by Quakers to the work of prison abolition. Responding to social problems by incarcerating people–often those already most marginalized in our society–is a form of social evil. Samson Fellows reflects on how our relations are only made worse when we isolate and punish those who trouble us.

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