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Fruits of the Spirit

What would a society based on the fruits of the spirit look like? What kind of vulnerability and courage would it take to let go of our selfishness, fears, and jealousy?

In this month’s Community Catechesis section, drawn from discussions at A Rocha Canada and St Margaret’s Anglican Church’s Be Not Afraid/Consider the Lillies conference, Deanna Zantigh responds to the question “Is the earth cursed?” and considers the interconnectedness of social and ecological disequilibrium, and the fruitfulness to be found in humble, cross-divisional respect and relationship with others.

In an interview with members of Black Anglicans, Diocese of Rupert’s Land Chapter, individuals speak about anti-black racism in the Anglican church and the need for real and meaningful representation in governing structures and in church life.

John Samson Fellows’ article considers the call felt by Quakers to the work of prison abolition. Responding to social problems by incarcerating people–often those already most marginalized in our society–is a form of social evil. Samson Fellows reflects on how our relations are only made worse when we isolate and punish those who trouble us.

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