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Art for our Eyes and Hearts

If you would like to contact Garth about his art, email him at

If you would like to contact Garth about his art, email him at

I have been a visual artist for over 30 years. I am inspired by the beauty of God’s creation and aim to capture and reflect that through the use of vibrant colours, energy, and gentle-yet-bold interpretation that encompasses a spirit-filled essence of love, faith, and hope. In 2007, my work “Welcoming, Widening World” was featured in the Anglican Church of Canada’s “Sacred Expressions” collection of Canadian art. My “Creation’s Colours” art shows and parish fundraisers celebrate the positive energy of the beauty around us.

I approach my work through keen experiential moments, captured in time through photos, drawings, and thought. I take these building blocks and transform them into creations that come together into “touchable” pieces that evoke emotion and reflection.

I create colourful, energy-filled and encouraging original acrylic paintings for spaces where we live, worship, and work. I also conduct painting workshops to help others explore their God-given creative spirits. I seek to nurture faith through encouraging visual works – for our eyes, for our environment, for our minds, for our hearts, and for our souls.


rln-panting-Heaven pg10-11

Heaven is a Place on Earth
Aspen Autumn
Lily Spirits

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    gArth. Good to see these three vibrant works of art.