Land Acknowledgement as Confession

Image by: Keith Chan   “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1 Peter Flynn points to this opening line of the Gospel of John to emphasize the connection between the word and embodied, Christ-like action in the world.

Who are the other Naullaqs out there?

Photo: Daiwei Lu   By: Chris Trott Modern scholarship in history has taught us that we not only have to critically examine documents from the past, we must also ask ‘What is being left out? What is being erased?’ The study of women’s history, for example, has shown that 51%

February Issue: The Living Past

February is Black History Month! This issue of RLN starts off with a message from the Rev. Wilson Akinwale who was recently elected National Board Chair of the Black Anglicans of Canada and an announcement of an afternoon celebration of Black excellence. Next, Chris Trott discusses the history of Inuit

Caste System or Racial Discrimination?

Image by Nicolas Krebs   By: Edmund Laldin Racial injustice and systematic racism in Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) came up in a recent conversation with a friend. We discussed the causes, symptoms, and perhaps the cure of this horrible sickness in society and in the ACC.

Moving to Flourish in the Spirit

Photo: Scott Evans   By: The Rev. Canon Dr. Murray Still At the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples (ACIP) we continue to work toward self determination within the church. As of the General Synod/Joint Assembly in Calgary in July, we presented The Covenant and Our Way of Life (OWL). For

“Where the Good Way Lies”

Image by maxim bober   By Jane Barter Each of our parishes embraces reconciliation with Indigenous peoples as a value. However, reconciliation is often imagined to be something symbolic and interpersonal. Perhaps it is a change of understanding in which non-Indigenous people come to see their Indigenous neighbours in a

January Issue: Repentance and Renewal

This month’s issue begins with a reflection on Jesus’ baptism from Bishop Geoffrey Woodcroft. He writes about the support each of us need from the collective body of the church in our lifelong journey of discipleship as we renounce our egos through repentance. In the community catechesis, Jane Barter writes

Repentance Changes Our Lives Together

Image by: Jan Canty   I’ve heard the early part of Acts chapter 2, in which Peter tells the people to repent and be baptized, read many times over the years. The latter part of that chapter, which I’ve heard read less often, tells of the daily lives of the

Reckless Hospitality

Header Image: Daoudi Aissa   By: Bishop Geoffrey Woodcroft Former assistant to the Manitoba Northern Ontario Synod Bishop, Larry Ulrich, told the following story to a gathering of Missional Church disciples: “When I was canvassing for The Heart and Stroke Foundation this year, I was struck by the number of

Hospitality Requires Honesty

Image by Jr Korpa   By: Andrew Rampton As Christendom began to visibly crumble in the middle of the twentieth century, mainline churches began to worry about their future sustainability. The steady maintenance of parishes was no longer assured as attitudes toward institutions like the Church changed dramatically in just

Threaded Back Together: The Joining of St. Chad’s and St. Andrew’s

image by Courtney Smith In late November, I sat down with Rev. Liz Richens to discuss the history that led up to the joining of St. Chad’s and St. Andrew’s, and the ways these communities have chosen to commemorate their individual histories while entering a new chapter as one. This

Moving Beyond the Rhetoric of Christian Hospitality

By: Sunder John Boopalan Let’s begin with a basic recognition: Hospitality is an industry. It is a financially lucrative business model in which professionals are trained to win hearts and wallets with smiles and niceties. It comes of no surprise, of course, that the underlying logic in the hospitality industry

December Issue: Hospitality

In this month’s issue, Bishop Geoffrey Woodcroft writes about Reckless Hospitality that challenges the status quo. While some may question “Why do you risk yourself so boldly? Why do you care?” Woodcroft sees this kind of hospitality as modeled after the way Christ engaged with the world. Sunder John Boopalan’s

Parish Profile: St. Alban’s

Photographer: Leah Nilson Reverend Canon Donna Joy interviewed by Misha Pensato   RLN: How would you describe the St. Alban’s Church community to a stranger? DJ: I would say that St. Alban’s is very committed to nurturing the faith of those who choose to come through meaningful worship. That is

Let Us Give Thanks: Rev. Deacon Penny Cummine

By: The Rev. Canon Donna Joy After careful prayer and discernment, Rev. Deacon Penny Cummine is stepping down from many of her diaconal ministries at St. Alban’s, Kenora including Outreach Committee, Friday Food with Friends, and weekly vesting at worship along with offering a regular Deacon’s Moment. The goal for

The Thelma Wynne Project Continues On…

By: Marlene Pryzner It has been 40 years since the ministry founded by Thelma Wynne was aptly named “The Thelma Wynne Project” by the Women’s Commission of the Anglican Church. Some history and update on this baby layette project seems timely. Mrs. Thelma Wynne was an active Anglican who, following the

2023 Advent + Special Christmas Services

Image: Gareth Harper St. Aidan’s Anglican Church Messy Christmas Saturday, Dec 9, 4 p.m – 6 p.m. A casual and relaxed evening of crafts, food and fellowship, sharing faith and fun! 0 Antiphons with Holy Eucharist Sunday, Dec 10, 8:30 a.m. Nine Lessons and Carols Friday, Dec 15, 7 p.m.


The Living Past

February is Black History Month! This issue of RLN starts off with a message from the Rev. Wilson Akinwale who was recently elected National Board Chair of the Black Anglicans of Canada and an announcement of an afternoon celebration of Black excellence. 


Next, Chris Trott discusses the history of Inuit catechists, many of whom are little known in Anglican history or whose names and lives have not been documented at all. Trott shows that these catechists have and continue to be integral to Indigenous Anglicans. 


Diocesan Archivist, Mary Horodyski, writes about the troubling history of the Dynavor ‘Indian’ hospital which the Diocese of Rupert’s Land ran from 1896 to 1939. This article responds to the 59th Call to Action issued by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission by shedding light on a difficult and little known part of Anglican history. A warning to readers that the history discussed in this article is troubling. 


Based on an interview with members of the Committee on the Land Statement, the article “Land Acknowledgement as Confession” explores the work and thinking this committee has undertaken to reassess their parish’s land acknowledgement, exploring deeper ways to commit themselves to reconciliation as a collective effort and a call to action


This issue also includes a Parish Profile on St. Aidan’s Anglican exploring the deep sense of connection members of this parish have found in their love for God the creator and their commitment to creating little corners of God’s glory


I hope you find learning and enjoyment in reading this month’s articles.


Read and download February’s issue here.


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