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Bishop’s update on same-sex marriage in Rupert’s Land

It is my hope that this brief pastoral update will be helpful to members of ourBishop-Donald-Phillips diocese. Since the communication from the House of Bishops and the response from the Council of General Synod regarding the proposed change to the marriage canon back in March, 2016, I have noted both the interest and concern around how I view same-sex marriage in our diocese, as well as the confusion and anxiety about what my approach to same-sex marriage might be.

Through continued prayer, listening to many voices, studying the Commission’s report, This Holy Estate, and much conversation, I am able to offer the following, hopefully straightforward, statement:

I am convinced that the time has come for the provision for same-sex marriages in Rupert’s Land to become reality. I am committed to working toward making that happen both as soon as responsibly possible, and in a grace-filled manner that minimizes the impact for those who struggle with this issue – both within and beyond our diocese.

How this needs to take place is yet to be determined and it is important that I, our other delegates to General Synod, and all of the members of our diocese, remain open to the leading of the Holy Spirit in discerning that path.


Yours in Christ,

Donald Phillips                                                                                                      Bishop of Rupert’s Land


  1. thanks for the clear, straight-forward description of your position. i have come to the same conclusion through bible study, years of thinking through the issue, and long conversations with women and men who are wiser and smarter than i am.

    continued prayers for you, for patience, wisdom and grace as you lead our leaders in this important time.

  2. I am greatly relieved to finally know where our Bishop stands on this important issue. While it may be painful for some members of our diocese to accept this position, it is good to finally get it out in the open instead of dancing around the issue. I laud our Bishop’s courage in making his views known publicly, and I pray that our diocese will be willing to accept his decision with grace and understanding.

  3. I do respectfully disagree with this proposal as It is endangers our relationship with the World Anglican church .This could result in Canadian Anglican church being separated from world anglican church
    Let us press the pause button on this issue

  4. Can the decision be supported by and reconciled with scripture?
    Should this be a requirement?

  5. I support your position,and intended action,wholeheartedly. Thank you for plain-speaking and thank God I have a right-minded Bishop.

  6. I fully agree with the Bishop and support this decision. What right do I have to judge anyone’s way of life I leave that job to God I can hate the problem but must love my fellow neighbors. Through prayer and talking to God I feel he would want each one of us to love and support all peoples no matter their life choices.