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Diocesan Survey

Posted on Feb 12, 2018 in News | 0 comments

The Diocesan Search Committee has the task of putting together a Diocesan Profile to help them with the election of the Bishop Coadjutor, who will become bishop after the Rt Rev Don Phillips retires. To help them create a clear profile of our Diocese and its needs moving forward with new leadership, the Diocesan Search Committee has put together a Diocesan Survey for the clergy and parishioners to complete. Please go to this link and fill in the survey; it will only take a few minutes. Please complete it only once. Hard copies will be provided by your parish for those who prefer, or you can download them here. If you fill out the survey on the hard copy, please mail it to Anglican Lutheran Centre, 935 Nesbitt Bay, Winnipeg, MB, R3T 1W6, Attn: James Dugan. The survey will...

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Message from the Diocesan Search Committee

Posted on Jan 22, 2018 in News | 2 comments

January 22, 2018 The Search Committee for the election of a Bishop Coadjutor held its first meeting on Friday January 19. The members of the committee are: James Dugan, Chair, Heather Birtles, Rob Hardwick, Ted Henderson, Helen Kennedy, Karen Larsen, Gary Russell, Scott Sharman, and David Widdicombe. Bishop Don Phillips, while named in Provincial Canons as a member, chose to chair the first meeting, and then to remove himself from the work of the committee. Norms for confidentiality and collegial working relationships were agreed upon. The Constitutional and Canons of the Ecclesiastical Province were reviewed which sets out a process for the amount of time available for developing a Diocesan Profile, receiving nominations, and circulating information about the nominees to synod delegates. Various methods of input into a Diocesan Profile were discussed and will be determined at the next...

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The Path and Process for Discerning and Electing a New Bishop

Posted on Jan 16, 2018 in News | Comments Off on The Path and Process for Discerning and Electing a New Bishop

At a diocesan Synod meeting on October 21, 2017, the Diocese of Rupert’s Land decided to elect a coadjutor bishop prior to the retirement of the current diocesan bishop, Donald Phillips. A coadjutor bishop, once elected and ordained, serves in episcopal ministry, subordinate to and alongside the current diocesan bishop. However, once the diocesan bishop retires, the coadjutor bishop automatically becomes the new diocesan bishop without any further process needed. To celebrate that transition, the new bishop will be installed at a service at St. John’s Cathedral. Most of the ministry and mission of our diocese falls under our own jurisdiction. However, the election of a bishop is governed by the Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert’s Land (made up of 10 dioceses in central, western, and northern Canada). Hence, on November 16, 2017, the Executive Council of the Province received...

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Support for Rupert’s Land Orphan’s Fund

Posted on Oct 23, 2017 in News | 1 comment

The Companion Diocese partnership between Rupert’s Land and Central Buganda Diocese in southern Uganda is entering its third decade of shared ministry. This valued partnership rooted in the great commission of the Gospel is a constant reminder of the good work to which we, on two separate continents, are called. The partnership consists of two programs: the Parish Links Program and the Orphan’s Fund Program. During a 2002 visit to Rupert’s Land by a delegation from Central Buganda Diocese, our African partners were asked what assistance could be offered? Their response: “Help with the orphans.” At that time, Uganda had one of the world’s highest rate of orphaned children due to the aftermath of civil war, malaria, and the AIDS epidemic. Soon after, the Rupert’s Land Orphan’s Fund was created. Its purpose was to provide education and basic healthcare...

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Job Posting: St. Aidan’s Christian School

Posted on Aug 9, 2017 in News | Comments Off on Job Posting: St. Aidan’s Christian School

St. Aidan’s Christian School is looking for a a new principal. St. Aidan’s Christian School, Winnipeg, is a small Christian school in Winnipeg comprised of two campuses, one in the North End, working mainly with Indigenous students, the other downtown, working mainly with an immigrant and refugee student population. View full job details here. Please submit a resume outlining teaching/administrative experience by August 28, 2017 to: C. Holland at...

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Gracious and Compassionate

Posted on Apr 8, 2017 in News | 1 comment

Brad Elliott, February 2, 1963 ‒ January 26, 2017 Remembered by Lisa Wojna A witch’s hat. A pair of Spock ears. A headband with Valentine hearts bobbing atop a springy antenna. A shamrock tie. If there was a special occasion in the near future, chances were you might find Rev. Canon Brad Elliott of Christ Church Anglican in Selkirk donning some such article of clothing while visiting shut-ins at one of Selkirk’s nursing homes or medical facilities. It was one of the many ways Brad brought a smile to the people in his life. “He had a wonderful sense of humour,” said Christ Church secretary Nancy Bollenbach. That quirkiness had a serious edge at times. Parishioners in both Carmen and Selkirk might recall a particular Christmas sermon that included a special gift of chocolate for every member of the...

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Anglican Foundation Update: April 2017

Posted on Apr 3, 2017 in News | Comments Off on Anglican Foundation Update: April 2017

The Anglican Foundation of Canada supports parishes across the country. Membership to the Anglican Foundation enables each Diocese to apply for a total of three grants per year for: ministry initiatives; construction and renovation; church music in Canada; education and programs in Canada’s North; and worship initiatives, liturgical arts, outreach and community endeavours. As of the most recent General Synod in 2016, seven parishes were members of the Anglican Foundation. Since then, another 25 have signed up, for a total of 32. During Synod, a motion was passed that the Diocese of Rupert’s Land would encourage all parishes to sign up for membership. Because of this, we’ll update you quarterly on which parishes are members. For more information, or to sign up, visit the the Anglican Foundation’s website. Those who have already signed up are listed below. In Winnipeg:...

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New Employment Opportunity

Posted on Mar 10, 2017 in News | Comments Off on New Employment Opportunity

MNO Synod Administrative Assistant Areas of Responsability: – Administrative support to synod staff, council and committees – Maintenance of synod website and ELCIC database – Maintain office in regards to communications, supplies, technology and equipment – Work with Synod Archivist in regards to historical documentation – Assist with planning, organizing, registration, and logistics for events and conventions – Prepare and distribute an e-newsletter, in consultation with other staff Qualifications and Skills: – Ability to work cooperatively in a team – Ability to work without regular supervision – Computer, word processing and filing skills – Warm and welcoming manner – Familiar with or willing to work in a Christian environment – Flexible working hours between 9 and 3 pm, Monday to Friday Terms of Employment: 17 hours per week, $17 / hr plus benefits as per GSI requirements Applications close:...

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Festivals of Lessons and Carols 2016

Posted on Nov 13, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Festivals of Lessons and Carols 2016

Are you going to miss the festival of lessons and carols at your church? Or perhaps your community doesn’t have one? Join one of these other congregations for their annual celebration: November 27, 3:00 p.m.: St. John’s College December 2, 7:30 p.m.: St. Peter’s, Dynevor, with the Selkirk Community Choir December 3, 4:30 p.m.: St Peter’s, Dynevor, with the Netley Colony Youth Choir December 4, 2:30 p.m.: St. Peter’s, Dynevor, with the Back Pew Boys December 11, 10:00 a.m.: Pinawa Christian Fellowship December 11, 10:00 a.m.: St. Stephen’s, Winnipeg December 11, 4:00 p.m.: St. James’ Winnipeg, (celebrating 165 years of ministry, with members of the Winnipeg Boys’ Choir and Bishop Mark MacDonald) December 18, 11:00 a.m.: St. Stephen and St. Bede December 18, 4:00 p.m.: St. Luke’s, Winnipeg December 18, 7:00 p.m.: St. George’s, Cresentwood December 18, 7:00 p.m.: St. Peter’s, Winnipeg December...

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Dedication of Cross at St. George, Wakefield

Posted on Oct 30, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Dedication of Cross at St. George, Wakefield

On September 18, 2016 Bishop Donald Phillips presided at the dedication of the new cross in the church yard at St. George’s, Wakefield. After the service the parishioners celebrated in the parish hall with a potluck lunch.   Submitted by Sally Bullivant/Bob...

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Order of Rupert’s Land

Posted on Oct 15, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Order of Rupert’s Land

The Order of Rupert’s Land was established in 1984 by the Bishop of the Diocese.  It is given during the opening service of diocesan Synod in recognition of outstanding support and leadership in the Church. This year, the Order will be conferred upon Cathy Campbell, Peter Flynn, and Gail Schnabl. The opening service of Synod took place on Thursday, October 20, 7:00 p.m. at St. John’s Cathedral. Many were in attendance to celebrate with Cathy, Peter, and Gail. Cathy Campbell‘s vision and leadership were instrumental in the transformation of St. Matthew’s Anglican Church into what is now the WestEnd Commons. Previously, Cathy managed a major renovation of the church basement to create the Neighbourhood Resource Centre, providing a newly restored home to St. Matthew’s Maryland Community Ministry. The WestEnd Commons is a multi-purpose complex comprised of 26 affordable housing units for...

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Anglicans and Lutherans in God’s Neighbourhoods

Posted on Sep 20, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Anglicans and Lutherans in God’s Neighbourhoods

Missional theologian and leadership writer Alan Roxburgh was in Rupert’s Land this September, leading Anglicans and Lutherans in planning a lay-led, neighbourhood-based discernment project. “Anglicans and Lutherans in God’s Neighbourhoods” is a new initiative to explore the ways God is at work in our neighbourhoods and join in what God is doing. It is rooted in the idea that God is at work everywhere, and all we need to do is pay attention and take part. Jesus says, “The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few.” The pilot project, beginning this fall, will select five neighbourhoods where there are five to nine people interested in meeting together for a period of eighteen months. Over that time, they will gather in public spaces — “loitering with intent” — to discern how God wants them to be the face of...

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RLN is Hiring a New Editor

Posted on Sep 9, 2016 in News | Comments Off on RLN is Hiring a New Editor

The Diocese of Rupert’s Land is looking for a creative individual with exceptional written communication skills to take on the role of Editor and Social Media Coordinator. The Editor will produce the monthly magazine in conjunction with the designer and contributing writers, as well as the RLN Weekly and regular updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This position is 15 hours a week. The ideal candidate will have experience with the following software: WordPress, Photoshop or Pixelmator, Mailchimp, Basecamp, and Mail Designer Pro. He or she, while not necessarily ordained, will be biblically and theologically literate, able to bring together a diversity of ideas and create dialogue among Anglicans in Rupert’s Land. He or she will also possess a vision for the mission of Rupert’s Land News: to “connect Church and community.” Inquiries about the position may be directed...

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East Beaches Priest Retires

Posted on Aug 24, 2016 in News | Comments Off on East Beaches Priest Retires

For the past decade, two parishes in the East Beaches region have had the opportunity to experience a parish priest like no other. Judy Whitmore’s inevitable retirement announcement came with mixed emotions for both her and the parishioners. 14 years ago, Judy was challenged to work with four rural churches: St. Michael’s, Victoria Beach; St. Jude’s, Grand Marais; St. Philip’s, Scanterbury; and St Luke’s, Balsam Bay. She found a diverse collection of cultures and backgrounds within each of the four communities. She saw this as a chance to mould each parish individually, developing leaders for ministry within both the Church and the community. Judy also honed her own skills, not only as a priest, but also as a person, negotiator, and teacher. Judy is a compassionate listener who comforts those living with grief or anguish. This community has been...

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Bishop’s Letter Concerning the Marriage Canon

Posted on Jul 13, 2016 in News | 2 comments

Wednesday July 13, 2016. Bishop’s Initial Statement on General Synod resolution (A 051) regarding the Marriage Canon (21) The 2016 General Synod, meeting in Richmond Hill (Toronto), ON, from July 7 – 12, held several structured conversations in mixed groups on the Marriage Canon resolution – spread over Friday, Saturday and Monday morning.   On Monday afternoon and evening, the formal debate on resolution A 051 took place – which included adopting two amendments.  Other than altering references to man/woman or husband/wife in the current Canon, the only other significant change that the revised A 051 would make to the existing Canon 21 was the addition of this statement (which replaced the original “opt-out” phrasing in the conscience clause of the original motion): e) A minister may only solemnize a marriage between persons of the same sex if authorized...

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St. James’ Celebrates 165 Years with Primate Fred Hiltz

Posted on Jun 27, 2016 in News | 1 comment

The parish of St. James, Winnipeg, celebrated its anniversary in style on Sunday, with dozens of parishioners and guests decked out in period costume at the old church building. Primate Fred Hiltz preached an excellent sermon and was a friendly and welcome face in the Diocese throughout the weekend. Primate Fred met with about 60 parishioners in the Kenora – St. Alban archdeaconry on Friday to discuss the upcoming national synod. He also met with about 70 parishioners in Winnipeg on Saturday, focusing in particular on the conversation about indigenous self-determination on the table for Synod. Asked by one parishioner if voting down the proposed changes to the marriage canon would put away the conversation for good, the Primate responded, “No. It will be back at the 2019 Synod either way.”          ...

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EFM on the horizon

Posted on Jun 20, 2016 in News | Comments Off on EFM on the horizon

Registrations are now being accepted for the next Education for Ministry (EFM) course, beginning in September. EFM is followed by Anglicans in the UK, Australia, USA, and Canada. It comes from The University of the South. Groups must be 6-12 people. There are four years and all years meet together. There is a richness and depth to this method. People who have completed the course say things like: “My understanding has deepened and I enjoy the Scripture lessons in service more.” “My confidence to express my faith is greater.” ”The transformation from a beginner (just Sunday school lessons) to a mature Christian has been a rich thing to experience.” “The framework to discuss issues expanded belief and understanding.” “My sense of vocation has been affirmed.” ”I have a language to express my faith and spiritual life.” The first year...

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Bishop’s Response to Orlando Shootings

Posted on Jun 14, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Bishop’s Response to Orlando Shootings

Reflection on the Orlando Massacre Early Sunday morning, June 12, a lone gunman murdered 49 persons and injured many others at a nightclub in Orlando.  For America, it marked the worst mass shooting the country has ever experienced.  Besides the family and friends of those killed and wounded, who are obviously dealing with overwhelming grief, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) communities in North America and beyond who have been singled out and traumatized by this act, it immediately reminded me of Canada’s “Montreal Massacre.” On December 6, 1989, a lone gunman shot and killed 14 women at the École Polytechnique in Montreal.  Those of female gender were singled out and targeted simply for who they are.  It was a chilling reminder to Canadian society of the extreme misogyny that still exists among some in our country.  And...

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Pinawa Christian Fellowship Supports Relay for Life

Posted on Jun 5, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Pinawa Christian Fellowship Supports Relay for Life

The Pinawa Christian Fellowship (PCF), a multidenominational congregation recognized by the Anglican Church of Canada, Mennonite Church Manitoba, The Presbyterian Church in Canada and the United Church of Canada, participated in the 2016 Relay for Life in Pinawa on June 4.  The 11 team members participated “in Jesus’ name” to support cancer survivors, raise funds for cancer research, and increase the profile of the congregation in the community. Many members of the congregation have either had cancer or know somebody who has had to wrestle with this disease. PCF does not own a church building, but worships in a school gymnasium. Over $2000 was raised by the team....

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Bishop’s update on same-sex marriage in Rupert’s Land

Posted on May 26, 2016 in News | 6 comments

It is my hope that this brief pastoral update will be helpful to members of our diocese. Since the communication from the House of Bishops and the response from the Council of General Synod regarding the proposed change to the marriage canon back in March, 2016, I have noted both the interest and concern around how I view same-sex marriage in our diocese, as well as the confusion and anxiety about what my approach to same-sex marriage might be. Through continued prayer, listening to many voices, studying the Commission’s report, This Holy Estate, and much conversation, I am able to offer the following, hopefully straightforward, statement: I am convinced that the time has come for the provision for same-sex marriages in Rupert’s Land to become reality. I am committed to working toward making that happen both as soon as responsibly possible, and in a grace-filled manner...

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Anglican Foundation Membership

Posted on May 20, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Anglican Foundation Membership

The Anglican Foundation of Canada – Is your Parish on Board? In 1957, in what could be described as a prescient motion, the General Synod created the Anglican Foundation to support and inspire ministry within the Anglican Church in Canada. The Foundation is a member-based organization and expects parishes, church organizations, and individuals to actively participate. Membership fees are a critical component of the total funds available for grants. In fact, at the meeting of General Synod that same year, the agreement was that every parish would contribute $50 each year in order to build up this fund for mission and ministry across the country. The Foundation’s ability to support ministry is also funded by individual memberships, bequests, memorials, special gifts, donor-designated trusts, life insurance, gift annuities, and investment income. Currently, the Foundation is advancing ministry in 34 dioceses and...

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Diocese Hiring Part Time Admin

Posted on May 6, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Diocese Hiring Part Time Admin

Paid, part-time administrative ministry opportunity The Diocese of Rupert’s Land, Anglican Lutheran Centre, is seeking an Accounting Clerk/Office Support Person. Part-time (12 hours per week) shared (approx. 70%-30%) between the Finance department and the General Office administration. Processing of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable including cheque preparation, donation database and third party liability General administrative support to the office and other staff including reception, word processing, filing, data entry, updating databases, and meeting preparation. Requirements A self-starter with a high degree of accuracy and ability to take direction and learn tasks Experience with accounting software Experience with Microsoft office applications – particularly Word, Excel, and Access Ability to work independently and as part of the office team Personable, respects confidentiality, enjoys helping others Comfortable working in the office of a spiritually-based organization. (Familiarity with the Anglican Church is an...

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Rupert’s Land response to the Winnipeg Free Press

Posted on May 3, 2016 in News, Uncategorized | 1 comment

The apology came in 1993, some 12 years before the government’s apology and 16 years before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was launched. But repentance is not just about being sorry; it means doing things differently. For the Anglican Church of Canada, the call to repentance for our role in the Indian Residential Schools (IRS) has been a priority for decades and, as our National Archbishop and Primate, Fred Hiltz, recently explained while visiting Opaskwayak Cree Nation, “I can never tire of apologizing for the wrong done.” Yet the recent article “Churches should heed the better angels” has implied that the Anglican Church, in addition to the Roman Catholic and United Churches, has forsaken its financial commitment to the work of the Settlement and Healing Funds, noting the recent refunds by the IRS Settlement Agreement to all three churches....

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Gwen McAllister Ordained to the Priesthood

Posted on Apr 29, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Gwen McAllister Ordained to the Priesthood

Gwen McAllister was ordained to the priesthood on April 24 at St. John’s Cathedral. She begins her ministry with the people of St. Matthew’s parish on May 1. Congratulations Gwen! Above (l-r): Mark MacDonald, Gwen McAllister, Dan Thagard. The full cathedral spoke to the number of individuals who have supported Gwen on her journey into the priesthood and the people whose lives have been touched by her ministry. She was ordained a deacon at the consecration of the new St. Matthew’s worship space when the church converted their huge nave into affordable housing (the WestEnd Commons). Above (back row, l-r): Mark MacDonald, Paul Johnson, Donald Phillips, Jane Barter Moulaison, Dan Thagard, Lorna Howell; (front): Fletcher Stewart, Maylanne Maybee, Gwen McAllister and her son Keith, Cathy Campbell. The preacher for the occasion was national indigenous bishop Mark MacDonald, who spoke...

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The Devon Mission Celebrates 175 Years

Posted on Apr 8, 2016 in News | Comments Off on The Devon Mission Celebrates 175 Years

During the first weekend of April on Opaskwayak Cree Nation (OCN), Anglicans and others from across the country gathered to celebrate God’s faithfulness with the 175th anniversary of the Devon Mission. A colourful procession of Cree dancers, led by a crucifer and a pole covered with eagle feathers, marked the importance of the area as a gathering place for Cree and settler peoples alike. In many ways, the land – now divided between the town of The Pas and OCN – exemplifies the breadth of indigenous-settler relations in Canada. Located some 600 km northwest of the Red River Settlement (now Winnipeg), the Devon Mission began when explorer Sir John Franklin sent word to England in 1819 that the trading post there would make an excellent place for a mission. The following year, Rev. John West was sent by the...

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Bishop’s Letter to the Diocese

Posted on Mar 20, 2016 in News | 1 comment

A response from the Bishop to recent communications on the marriage canon issues It has been about three weeks since the national House of Bishops issued its public statement to the Council of General Synod from its special meeting in February. Because I knew that within a week I would be preaching at our Mothering Sunday service, and would be including references to same-sex marriage and the proposed change to our marriage canon in my sermon, I decided not to make a public statement at that time. I was also waiting until after the meeting of the Council of General Synod (March 9–13). That meeting did issue a statement to the Church as well as a response to the House of Bishops’ statement. Since the Mothering Sunday service, I have learned that some people were deeply hurt by the sermon. That was certainly...

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Rupert’s Landers visit Central Buganda

Posted on Mar 11, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Rupert’s Landers visit Central Buganda


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Indigenous Ministry Developer

Posted on Mar 1, 2016 in News | 1 comment

After many months of discernment, Bishop Donald Phillips is pleased to announce the appointment of Vincent Solomon to the new position of Urban Indigenous Ministry Developer. Vincent will begin this work on May 1, 2016. This appointment is the culmination of much hard work by the UIMD working group, with input from the Rupert’s Land Indigenous Circle and a confirmation and blessing by members of the Elders’ Circle. Thank you to all who have been part of the process and have been upholding them in prayer. Vincent will be installed in this new position at our annual Mothering Sunday service at St. John’s Cathedral on Sunday, March 6, at 7:00 p.m. The Bishop hopes that a large crowd of people from across the Diocese will attend the annual gathering and celebrate Vincent’s role in this new position....

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World Day of Prayer 2016

Posted on Feb 25, 2016 in News | Comments Off on World Day of Prayer 2016

Download the poster PDF...

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Review of Kenn Garrity’s New Book

Posted on Feb 23, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Review of Kenn Garrity’s New Book

Asking questions does not mean you are questioning your faith, you are simply seeking answers so your faith can grow. Rev. Kenn Garrity has just published his second book in The WHYs Book series. Following the same format as his first book, I’m A WHYs Book Two, contains 51 new questions from parishioners ranging from the meaning of scripture passages, the origins of the seasons in the church year, to the Church’s stance on physician-assisted death. His answers are thought-provoking, enlightening, and present a stimulating thought process. What this book has, that the first one did not, are reviews from lay people. As one such reviewer puts it, “Rev. Garrity’s thought processes are challenging to say the least, for a person of faith.” You may not always agree with his answers, but they epitomize the challenge to explore your own faith –...

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Pinawa Christian Fellowship Responds to Influx of Refugees

Posted on Feb 19, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Pinawa Christian Fellowship Responds to Influx of Refugees

Folks at the Pinawa Christian Fellowship, a shared ministry of the Anglican, Mennonite, Presbyterian and United Churches, wanted to find a way to respond immediately to the current refugee crisis. In just four weeks, they sewed and shopped and put together 101 hygiene kits for the Mennonite Central Committee. These kits provide basic hygiene items for people who have fled their homes because of disaster or war. Each kit contains an adult size toothbrush, a large bar of bath soap, fingernail clippers and a hand towel. The items go in a hand-sewn drawstring bag that can be reused. Along with the 101 complete kits there were extra gifts of sewn bags and toiletries and cash from the mission fund to extend the project. Heather Westdal volunteered to spearhead this initiative and was supported by Gloria McAuley and Bonnie Bailey, who collected and organized the kits. Emily Wooster...

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Orphaned Somali Refugees Arrive at Last

Posted on Jan 18, 2016 in News, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Orphaned Somali Refugees Arrive at Last

17-year-old Fathi was no doubt overjoyed to receive his ten younger siblings and little niece at the Winnipeg airport on Thursday. Fathi, who is ethnically Somali but has grown up in Saudi Arabia, was orphaned when his father, who worked for the Somalian consulate in Saudi, died. After learning that his siblings and he were stripped of their legal status and to be deported back to Somalia, the oldest made a daring journey across the world, walking to Winnipeg from the Emerson boarder crossing. After being accepted in Winnipeg as a refugee in October of 2014, Fathi spent the next year fighting to bring his siblings to Canada as well. The children do not speak Somali and had they been sent back to Somalia, where they do not have citizenship, their future in the tumultuous state would have been...

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Ten orphaned refugee children and a baby arriving unaccompanied in Winnipeg today

Posted on Jan 14, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Ten orphaned refugee children and a baby arriving unaccompanied in Winnipeg today

HOSPITALITY HOUSE Refugee Ministry Inc 1039 Main St. Winnipeg, MB January 14, 2016 Ten orphaned refugee children and a baby arriving unaccompanied in Winnipeg today A singular event will happen late this afternoon when a family of eleven underage children, refugees from Somalia and now escaping from Saudi Arabia, will arrive at Winnipeg’s Richardson International Airport. They have been sponsored to Canada by Hospitality House Refugee Ministry and the Anglican Diocese of Rupert’s Land. The children, brothers and sisters, range in age from 16 down to 8 (four boys and six girls), plus one baby, a daughter of the oldest sibling. Born in Saudi Arabia when their late father was employed at the Somali consulate in Jeddah, the children were stripped of their legal status (rendering them illegal in the country), and their documents confiscated, when their father died. He had been predeceased by his wife....

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New Priest for St. John the Baptist, Fort Frances

Posted on Dec 23, 2015 in News | 1 comment

MJ Leewis-Kirk is the new interim priest at St. John the Baptist, Fort Frances, pictured here at their celebration of new ministry on December 13 with Bishop Don and Michael Gervais, the Rector’s Warden. MJ comes to Rupert’s Land from the Diocese of Calgary and began her position at St. Francis on October...

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Niagara Music Duo Visit Three Rupert’s Land Parishes

Posted on Dec 10, 2015 in News | 1 comment

The music duo Infinitely More, based out of the Niagara region of southern Ontario, played concerts at three Rupert’s Land Parishes this fall in the tour across the Prairies: Immanuel, Ignace; St. Luke’s, Dryden; and St. Andrew’s on the Red. The husband and wife duo, Allison and Gerald, have been honoured with five Covenant Award nominations from the Gospel Music Association of Canada in addition to a 2015 East Coast Music Award nomination. While Infinitely More considers itself to be “an ecumenical music ministry”, it has close ties to the Anglican Church of Canada, where Allison’s dad is a priest and Editor of the Niagara...

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Casting Call for Anglican Clergy

Posted on Dec 7, 2015 in News | Comments Off on Casting Call for Anglican Clergy

WANTED: Anglican and United Church clergy with a theatrical bent (or at least actor-ly aspirations), to perform in a fundraiser production of the Vicar of Dibley. The Vicar of Dibley is adapted from the beloved BBC sitcom about a small English village church thrown into hilarious chaos when their elderly vicar dies and is replaced by …a WOMAN! And not just any woman, but a gregarious and reverently irreverent Geraldine Granger (played by Dawn French in the TV series). Set in the 90s, shortly after the Church of England began ordaining women, the Vicar of Dibley is a story about a church in transition and the power of humour to transform a community. This production is a fundraiser for the Manitoba Association of Playwrights – a great organization that provides readings, workshops, and support to amateur and professional playwrights in Manitoba –...

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Connecting Church and Community for Another Year

Posted on Nov 27, 2015 in News | 1 comment

Note from the Editor – December 2015 Can you believe that December is already upon us? The Christmas bazaars and luncheons, held in so many churches across the Diocese, are being replaced with Advent Lessons and Carols. St. Andrew’s on the Red is hosting its first old-fashioned Christmas, with carols and goodies and sleigh rides through the snow. We asked our companion diocese, Central Buganda, to give us a snapshot of what Christmas looks like in their part of the world; they surely don’t have sleigh rides? You will find their response on page 14 of the December magazine. Over the past 15 months, I and those I work with each month — our designers, writers, diocesan staff, the RLN advisory committee, clergy, and others — have worked hard to continue bringing you the kinds of stories and updates...

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Festivals of Lessons & Carols

Posted on Nov 13, 2015 in News | Comments Off on Festivals of Lessons & Carols

Are you going to miss the festival of lessons and carols at your church? Or perhaps your community doesn’t have one? Join one of these other congregations for their annual celebration: November 29, 4:00 p.m: Advent Procession with carols at All Saints’, Winnipeg December 4, 7:30 p.m.: the Selkirk Community Choir at St. Peter, Dynevor, Old Stone Church  December 5, 4:30 p.m.: The Netley Colony Youth Choir at St. Peter, Dynevor  December 6, 2:30 p.m.: the Back Pew Boys at St. Peter, Dynevor (For more information contact 204-261-0395) December 6, 7:30 p.m.: St. Margaret’s, Winnipeg  December 13, 3:00 p.m.: St. John’s College December 20, 4:00 p.m.: St. Luke’s, Winnipeg December 20, 7:30 p.m.: St. Andrew’s, Winnipeg December 21 & 22, 7:00 p.m.: Carols and Candles at Holy Trinity, Winnipeg * Please note that it is the policy of RLN not to advertise regular Sunday services....

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CLAY 2016

Posted on Nov 3, 2015 in News | Comments Off on CLAY 2016

Have you heard about CLAY? The Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth (CLAY) Gathering is the Anglican Church’s national youth gathering for young adults ages 14 – 19 in 2016 (born between 1997 and 2002). Our next Gathering takes place in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, August 17 – 21, and all Anglican congregations are invited! CLAY was created in 2010 as an expression of joint ministry between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada. CLAY builds on the traditions of the Canadian Lutheran Youth Gatherings to create a youth-centred program that empowers young people and builds Christian leadership. At CLAY we’ll encounter scripture in meaningful ways, experience ancient and modern ways of worship, learn together in special interest forums, enjoy fantastic social events, explore Charlottetown, make connections with youth from all over Canada and celebrate our...

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Bishop’s Dinner with Murray Sinclair

Posted on Oct 23, 2015 in News | Comments Off on Bishop’s Dinner with Murray Sinclair

The Bishop’s Dinner was a great success yesterday, where a full conference room at the Victoria Inn enjoyed a lovely dinner followed by reflections from Justice Murray Sinclair on his work with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Our second great story-teller this month, Justice Sinclair has a surprising sense of humour and shared from his personal life as well as his professional one. He confessed to the crowd that he hadn’t wanted to chair the TRC, but felt called by the Creator to take on the challenge after being asked for the second time. Talking at length about the importance of education, Justice Sinclair explained, “Education got us into this mess and I believe that education will now get us out of it.” Despite his role on the TRC, Justice Sinclair shared little about residential schools. Instead, he explained...

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