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February Magazine

The February magazine is now available online! This month is a special focus on mental health in Rupert’s Land. Click the link to below to read the magazine online, or click here to download an easy pdf version for printing at home.



  1. The ability to save for offline reading or printing for those who do not have computer/Internet would be useful feature.

  2. Absolutely! It’s meant to be easily printable. If you open the magazine and shift your mouse up to the top of the page, there are a few options. Click the little arrow on the right and it will give you the option to “share” the paper or “download”. It will download as a pdf than can be printed on any printer.

  3. Thanks for another great, interesting issue!

  4. Excellent issue. The focus on mental health is timely as we face the often bleak days of February. Lent affords us an opportunity to commit ourselves to seeing, hearing and loving those around us who struggle to get through each day.

    On another note: The link at the end of the web issue to “related publications” offers a smorgasbord of articles and opinions to savour.

    • Does it? Good to know! Perhaps if there’s anything really worth sharing, you can post it on the RLN facebook page 🙂