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Message from the Diocesan Search Committee

January 22, 2018

The Search Committee for the election of a Bishop Coadjutor held its first meeting on Friday January 19. The members of the committee are: James Dugan, Chair, Heather Birtles, Rob Hardwick, Ted Henderson, Helen Kennedy, Karen Larsen, Gary Russell, Scott Sharman, and David Widdicombe. Bishop Don Phillips, while named in Provincial Canons as a member, chose to chair the first meeting, and then to remove himself from the work of the committee.

Norms for confidentiality and collegial working relationships were agreed upon.

The Constitutional and Canons of the Ecclesiastical Province were reviewed which sets out a process for the amount of time available for developing a Diocesan Profile, receiving nominations, and circulating information about the nominees to synod delegates.

Various methods of input into a Diocesan Profile were discussed and will be determined at the next meeting on February 8.

Before the next meeting the committee members are researching information from elsewhere in order to better serve the diocese of Rupert’s Land.

We would value your prayers for the Search Committee for a Bishop Coadjutor, for all who will be nominated, and for all who shall choose the next bishop for this Diocese.


  1. We are praying for you and trust that God’s Mighty hand prevails. Can I, a Ugandan – Black – African also stand !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Constitution and Canons state:

    Eligibility for Election
    6.02 A person shall be eligible for election as a bishop if that
    (a) is of the full age of thirty years;
    (b) is a priest or bishop in Holy Orders of The Anglican
    Church of Canada, or of a church in full communion
    (c) is faithful in the doctrines and discipline of The Anglican
    Church of Canada as determined and defined by the
    official formularies of that church;
    (d) is known and recognized within that person’s community
    as being a person of integrity and moral stature; and
    (e) has those qualities and abilities of leadership, experience
    and learning that will enable that person to fulfil the
    duties of a chief pastor in the Church of God.

    In addition the person needs to be nominated by a member of our Synod