Anglican Foundation Update: April 2017

The Anglican Foundation of Canada supports parishes across the country. Membership to the Anglican Foundation enables each Diocese to apply for a total of three grants per year for: ministry initiatives; construction and renovation; church music in Canada; education and programs in Canada’s North; and worship initiatives, liturgical arts, outreach and community endeavours.
As of the most recent General Synod in 2016, seven parishes were members of the Anglican Foundation. Since then, another 25 have signed up, for a total of 32. During Synod, a motion was passed that the Diocese of Rupert’s Land would encourage all parishes to sign up for membership. Because of this, we’ll update you quarterly on which parishes are members.
For more information, or to sign up, visit the the Anglican Foundation’s website. Those who have already signed up are listed below.
In Winnipeg:
The Cathedral Church of St. John
All Saints’
Church of the Good Shepherd
Holy Trinity
St. Andrew, Woodhaven
St. Bartholomew
saint benedcit’s table
St. Francis
St. George, Cresentwood
St. George, Transcona
St. Luke
St. Margaret
St. Mark
St. Mary, Charleswood
St. Mary Magdalene
St. Paul, Fort Garry
St. Peter
St. Philip
St. Stephen & St. Bede
In Manitoba:
St. Thomas, Weston
St. Peter Dyvenor, RM of St. Clements
St. Helen, Fairford
St. Thomas, Morden
St. Luke, Oakvilled
Pembina Hills: St. John the Baptist, Manitou
St. Mary / St. Alban, Kaleida
In Ontario:
St. Luke, Dryden [Correction: April’s issue had this listed under Manitoba]
Church of the Good Shepherd, Atikokan
St. Alban Cathedral, Kenora
St Mary, Sioux Lookout


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