Australian Bishop Visits Pembina Hills Parishes

Submitted by Joanne Harris
The Right Rev. Dr. Peter Stuart, from the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, 005[2]recently spent a weekend in the Pembina Hills Parishes. He is visiting North America to learn how Anglicans here are carrying out Local Collaborative Ministry (LCM).
LCM involves members of congregations volunteering their time and talents to provide the services normally performed by paid clergy. This is a work in progress that began locally in the 1990s. A similar program is developing in Australia.
Bishop Peter was hosted on Friday by the Rev. Bill Blackburn and the Rev. Deacon Mona Blackburn in Pilot Mound. On Saturday morning he joined the Pembina Hills ministry team at a workshop in St. John’s church.
The ministry team’s mentor, Rev. Canon Norman Collier led the three new ministerial candidates, Al Thorleifson, Martin Allen and Chris Lea, through the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.
Afterwards, lots of stores were shared over a pot luck lunch in the church hall.
From Pilot Mound, Bishop Peter was given a tour of the other parishes by Terrianne Lea, one of the team’s worship leaders. His hosts on Saturday night were Chris and Leianne Lea at their farm in Kaleida.
All the Pembina Hills parishes were invited to Sunday morning service at Manitou, where Bishop Peter gave the homily.


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