The cover of May's Issue. The cover photo features a fantastical photo realistic image with the silhouette of a deer in front of a glowing sun-like ball. The deer appears to be in a dark forest and there are three other sun-like balls in the background apparently scattered throughout the woods.

May Magazine 2023: Commissioned

Commissioned What is it which we as Christians are called to? This month’s issue of RLN deals with questions of Christian commission. In our Community

Ours to Tell: A Celebration of Black History

Photo: Praewthida K, https://unsplash.com/@pkvoyage On Sunday, March 19, Black Anglicans of the Diocese of Rupert’s Land hosted “Ours to Tell: A Celebration of Black History”

Cover of RLN's April issue on the theme of "Regeneration." Two purple flower buds are shown from a low angle emerging from brown earth, with the sun rising in the background.

April Magazine 2023: Regeneration

Regeneration Regenerative forces can be felt throughout this month’s issue. In our Community Catechesis section Tapji Garba writes on resurrection and “the good life.” Then

The cover of RLN's March issue. It features a photo taken from high in the sky with clouds beneath and giant factory chimneys piercing through them, billowing smoke. The theme of the magazine is "Sins of the Heart." The featured articles are "12 Artwork by Megan Krause Institutional Sin and 7 2SLGBTQIA+ Well-being 14 Review: From the Religion of Whiteness to Religion Otherwise"

March Magazine 2023: Sins of the Heart

Sins of the Heart This issue features contributions concerned with “sins of the heart.” In our Community Catechesis section, Gwen McAllister introduces readers to the

Black and white photo of a person sitting and using a Mac laptop which is perched on their lap.

Online Services in Rupert’s Land

  St. Aidan’s, Winnipeg: Sunday morning live stream services and mid-week online content is available on the parish YouTube channel, “St Aidan’s Winnipeg Online” and

February Magazine 2023: In the Silence

In the Silence This month, contributors to the magazine converse with silence. In our Community Catechesis section, Phil Barnett writes about the Christian contemplative tradition

Photo of the moon in the night sky.

January Magazine 2023

  This month’s issue asks contributors to engage with the question: “What do we understand to be the good news? How is good news embodied

Sitting With Synod 2022

Rupert’s Land News reached out to various delegates to the 118th Session of the Synod of the Diocese of Rupert’s Land which was held in

December Magazine 2022

Gifts In this month’s issue: Tapji Garba writes in the “Community Catechesis” section about how grace functions as “gift” in the writings of Paul. Next, in “A Sponsorship

November Magazine 2022

The theme for November’s magazine is Saints in Light. The phrase “saints in light,” used in both the Book of Common Prayer and the Book

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