Bishop’s Letter – Companion Diocese Request

By on October 5, 2020

October 5, 2020

A Message from the Bishop and the Companion Diocese Committee

Dear Disciples of Rupert’s Land,

Our Companion Diocese Committee has received an urgent request from Bishop Michael Lubowa of the Diocese of Central Buganda. The government in Uganda has allowed the churches to reopen in October but only if they are able to meet certain protocols. One such protocol is that each parish must obtain a thermometer gun as a safety measure against COVID-19.

Bishop Michael Lubowa of the Diocese of Central Buganda has informed the committee that there are currently 33 parishes that are in need of this device (29 parishes and 4 mission parishes). We have been asked to help our Companion Diocese in this regard so the people will be able to meet together again for worship. Having this device will also help the people feel more comfortable meeting together.

Each thermometer device will cost around $60 CAD, a total approximated need of $2000 CAD, which is a demand that our brothers and sisters in Uganda are not able to meet.

I ask that you prayerfully consider financially supporting this initiative in this difficult and extraordinary time. Your gift may be sent directly to the Diocese of Rupert’s Land, c/o the Director of Finance, clearly marked for the Diocese of Central Buganda Reopening.

If you have any questions, please contact the chair of the Companion Diocese Committee (Chris Barnes) @ 204-489-3390 or [email protected]

Yours in Christ,

The Rt Rev. Geoffrey JJ Woodcroft


  • Sara Krahn

    Sara Krahn is the editor of Rupert’s Land News.

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