Cathy Mondor’s Retirement

By on December 1, 2014

There was a lovely service of celebration for Cathy Mondor’s retirement from the position of Administrative Assistant for the diocese on Saturday. Folks from across the diocese turned out to wish Cathy well and thank her for her many years of ministry among us.

cathy_mondor_retirement2 (2)
Susan Suppes with Cathy and Bishop Don
cathy_mondor_retirement2 (1)
Bishop Don and George Campbell
Michael Bruce Smiles as he chats with Paul Smith
Bill Birtles, Roy Bowkett, and Heather Birtles
Barbara Shoomski chats with Patsy Grant
cathy_mondor_retirement1 (2)
Susan and Cathy, long time friends and coworkers
cathy_mondor_retirement (1)
Diocesan staff: Larry (Lutheran), Allison, Susan, Cathy, Bernice, Don, Karen, and Gloria
cathy_mondor_retirement1 (1)
Cathy smiles with her husband, Rolly


  • Sara Krahn

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