Ecumenical Chaplain/ Spiritual Advisor at St. John’s College

By on August 4, 2020

St. John’s College invites dynamic, self-motivated, and creative individuals to apply for the position of Ecumenical Chaplain / Spiritual Advisor. The ecumenical chaplain is supported by the Anglican and Lutheran traditions, but serves as a mentor and support person for all students of all faiths. Faith-based initiatives with students will pull together Christians from a broad range of traditions.

While the chaplain is based at St. John’s College, his or her ministry is not exclusive to members of the College. The focus of chaplaincy falls into four main categories:

  • a) Christian faith mentoring and development;
  • b) international student welcome and support;
  • c) the empowerment of students in their pursuit of social justice, both on campus and in students’ home communities; and
  • d) fostering fellowship and respect among students. We ask applicant to think creatively about how to encourage daily worship, as well as building and growing in community.

Please see the job advertisement for details. Applications are due September 4, 2020.


  • Sara Krahn

    Sara Krahn is the editor of Rupert’s Land News.

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