October Magazine 2023: Harvests

A harvest is both a celebration of our work and a promise for the coming season – that even through the dead of winter, there will be enough.

In this month’s issue, Bishop Geoff explores the radical hope expressed in the passover story in Exodus, comparing this to other readings in the Epistles and Gospels that come after Pentecost. In the face of difficulty and oppression, sometimes the most important thing we can do is come together over a meal.

A second part of the interview with the Black Anglican’s of Canada, Diocese of Rupert’s Land Chapter explores the question “why stay?” given historic wrongs and ongoing anti-blackness within the institutional church. This conversation delves into members of the chapter’s impressive legacies of community building work.

Pastor David Driedger calls us to reflect on how political rhetoric and assumptions around violence and criminality relegate the most vulnerable in our society even further to the margins, in his opening remarks for an event at First Mennonite Church on September 26th titled Which Violence, Whose Safety?

Mark Friesen, a parishioner at St. Margaret’s, reflects on his journey to Anglicanism. He talks about gaining a sense of community and connection to God through the sacraments and liturgy of the Anglican church.

Finally, a few pages of news bring together important messages from members of the diocese. New appointments and retirements mark a season of change, and a new trial run of a pastoral support program for 2SLGBTQ people offers hope.

Read and download October’s issue via PDF here.

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