Indigenous Anglicans in Canada: A New Agape and the Path to Self-Determination

By on April 24, 2015

Deacon Tanis Kolisnyk has recently completed her Master’s thesis, which looks at self-determination among Indigenous Anglicans in Canada.

Indigenous Anglicans in Canada: A New Agape and the Path to Self-Determination.
The encounter between Indigenous peoples and settlers in North America isAIN_logo_web 2 rife with challenges, missed opportunities, and marred by colonial domination. The Anglican Church of Canada is part of this history and is working to find ways forward in healing and reconciliation for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Anglicans. The journey toward self-determination of Indigenous Anglicans within the present structure of the Anglican Church of Canada has not been without struggles and decades of work to reach new goals. What are the internal and external barriers that are impeding self-determination of Indigenous Anglicans in the Anglican Church of Canada? The path to self-determination is reviewed in chronological order, with reference to a variety of church documents including A New Agape, outcomes from Sacred Circle gatherings, interviews with ACIP members, and exploration of new pathways in Anglican Indigenous leadership.
The thesis can be read online here.


  • Sara Krahn

    Sara Krahn is the editor of Rupert’s Land News.

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