Jamie Howison Publishes New Book on Healing & Solitude

A Kind of Solitude: How Pacing the Cage with an Icon and The Book of Common Prayer Restored My Soul

Six months into a deep personal crisis occasioned by the unexpected end of his marriage, Jamie Howison traveled halfway across the continent to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to engage in a unique and intense five-week contemplative retreat served in the context of the chapel community of the University of King’s College. Immersed in the liturgies of the Canadian Book of Common Prayer, mentored in the writing of an Orthodox icon of Christ Pantocrator, challenged to confront the hard truths behind his brokenness, and laid bare by the hours of silence and solitude, Howison discovered something of the power of the ancient spiritual traditions in the restoration of a twenty-first-century soul. A Kind of Solitude tells that story.

Jamie Howison is a priest of the Anglican Church of Canada and the founding pastoral leader of Saint Benedict’s Table in Winnipeg. He is the author of God’s Mind in That Music:
Theological Explorations Through the Music of John Coltrane (2012), and the co-author with Steve Bell of I Will Not Be Shaken: A Songwriter’s Journey through the Psalms (2015).
For more information about Howison’s work, visit his blog.

A Kind of Solitude PDF

How to purchase a copy of A Kind of Solitude:

· Print copies are now available for purchase directly from the publisher, and on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

· An attractively priced Kindle edition is also available on Amazon.
· If you are in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and are interested in purchasing this book directly from the author, click here.
· Within Canada a copy can also be sent to you for $13, including postage. To put this in motion, please contact the author.

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