January Issue: Repentance and Renewal

This month’s issue begins with a reflection on Jesus’ baptism from Bishop Geoffrey Woodcroft. He writes about the support each of us need from the collective body of the church in our lifelong journey of discipleship as we renounce our egos through repentance.

In the community catechesis, Jane Barter writes about the need to understand colonialism as part of our present reality, not just as a thing of the past. For Barter, this recognition calls us to repentance, and creates an opportunity for the church to return stolen lands.

Murray Still discusses his work with the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples who have taken steps towards self determination within the church through the establishment of a new covenant.

Gwen McAllister writes about the power of repentance to unsettle the status quo and invite us into new ways of being. McAllister writes of this as more than a transformation of oppressive systems and policies; for her, it is a conversion towards an abundance of life for all.

Lastly, Edmund Laldin’s article challenges the Anglican Church of Canada to examine how the language of inclusion can function to cover up white guilt when not accompanied by real changes to decision making power.

I hope you enjoy both the challenges and the hope in this month’s articles.

Read and download January’s issue via PDF here.

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