January Magazine 2023

Cover of the Rupert's Land News January Issue. Pictured is a photo of the moon over a field, taken from a low angle. In the top centre is the magazine's logo and issue date. In the bottom left are the four featured articles: "page 7: Becoming equal partner's in Christ's discipleship. Page 9: It's Community: Pat Stewart on Sunshine House. Page 11: Ministry in a Radically Changing World: A Conversation with CCS Staff. Page 16: Parish Profile: St. Mary's Sioux Ste Marie


This month’s issue asks contributors to engage with the question: “What do we understand to be the good news? How is good news embodied in our communities?”

Their answers are deeply enriching.

In “Becoming Equal Partners in Christ,” Elder Ellen Cook writes about treaty relationships and asks “Have we truthfully and wholly begun to travel in two boats side by side as equals without the other trying to steer the other’s boat or canoe?“ She reflects on steps made towards Indigenous self-determination within the Anglican Church of Canada, and on the significance of Sacred Circle.

Next, Pat Stewart is interviewed about the history of Sunshine House, a community drop-in and resource centre on Treaty 1 land “focusing on harm reduction and social inclusion,” and what the community at Sunshine House has meant to her.

Next Alcris Limongi and Alan Lai are interviewed about their new ministries with the Centre for Christian Studies. They discuss how liberationist pedagogy informs the work of CCS and how the organization is offering ministry in a changing world.

Finally, our Parish Profile section features the “small but dedicated” parish of St. Mary’s, Sioux Lookout.

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*Please note, this issue has been re-uploaded with corrections made to the article “‘It’s Community’: Pat Stewart on Sunshine House”
*Please note, this issue has been re-uploaded with the “Community Catechesis” section removed.


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