Messages from the Bishop – October 29, 2021

Dear Rupert’s Land friends,

It is an honour to announce, and with joy, that The Venerable Helen Kennedy was elected on the second ballot of the episcopal election in the Diocese of Qu’Appelle.

Please join with me in congratulating Helen, and offering prayer for her and the parish of St George Transcona.

In Christ,

+ Geoffrey


Dear Colleagues,

Bishop Geoff Woodcroft is pleased to announce the appointment of The Venerable Paul Lampman as Archdeacon of Winnipeg, MB – St. John effective immediately.  Paul’s experience and gifts are a welcome addition to the senior leadership of the diocese.  Paul will be collated during the primary worship service of St. Luke, Winnipeg at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, Oct 31st.  We ask for your prayers as Archdeacon Paul begins this new ministry.

Bishop Geoff would also like to thank Bishop-elect Helen Kennedy for her faithful service as Archdeacon of Winnipeg, MB – St. John.  Her many gifts will be missed in the archdeaconry and in the diocese.  We ask for your prayers as Helen begins her new ministry.


“With great joy, I announce to you that Archdeacon Naboth Manzongo has received the Immigration Visas for his wife Thelma, and children Rudo and Ngoni.

I am also indebted to, and thankful for, the folk of St Luke, Dryden who have continually advocated and petitioned for the Ven. Naboth with Immigration Canada.

 Let us give thanks to God for helping Naboth and his family to live out these last three years apart with patience and great faith. Amen.

+ Geoffrey”

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