October Magazine 2021

October’s issue is all about food. From farming and harvesting, to preparation, to mealtime. We eat food to survive, but also to experience pleasure and comfort. Food has the power to make us feel whole and alive in ourselves, and when we share it, whole and alive with each other.

For our first feature, Elder Amanda Wallin invites us into her home. She graciously shares her knowledge of traditional medicines and how to harvest them.
In “All Are Welcome at the Banquet Table,” PWRDF liaison Rev. Cathy Campbell reminds us of the important role food can play in social justice.

Shelagh Balfour, in “Food, Power, and Personhood,” draws awareness around the uses and abuses of food structures.

On our final page, Native studies scholar Dr. Chris Trott shares some thoughts on Northern Foodways. He reminds us that communion may happen anywhere, with “whatever fundamental foodstuffs we may have,” so long as it is shared.

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