October Magazine 2022

This October’s issue is centred around the theme of Newcomers. In this month’s issue:

Andrew Rampton introduces the magazine’s Community Catechesis column, unpacking what “catechesis” means and the importance for Christian communities of ongoing teaching and learning in our faith.

Elder Amanda Wallin speaks about her experiences with the program Circles for Reconciliation, and explains the significance of sacred fires associated with calls to search residential school sites for the bodies of Indigenous children who died at residential schools.  Several pieces of Elder Amanda Wallin’s art are featured.

Next, Theo Robinson considers newcomers at parish doorsteps and what it might mean for our church communities to be truly welcoming of  strangers.

Alison Brooks-Starks offers a portrait of ministry work done by EDGE, the innovative arm of the United Church of Canada. In doing so, Brooks-Starks makes a compelling case for church ministry which is receptive to the Spirit’s presence in the world, and is open to non-traditional forms of church organization and service.

Finally, this month’s magazine includes an introduction to the Parish Profile column, which will be a recurring section devoted to showcasing individual parishes in our diocese.

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