The Order of Rupert’s Land

Congratulations to Donna Cawker and Cathy Mondor, who were awarded the Order of Rupert’s Land at Synod this year.

The Order of Rupert’s Land was established in 1984 by the Bishop of Rupert’s Land.  It is given in recognition of outstanding support and leadership in the Church. The Order of Rupert’s Land has been presented by the Bishop of Rupert’s Land to deserving recipients at the gathering of the Synod.

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Donna Cawker’s ministry is rooted in her belief in Christian service and in her action for social justice. Donna is an active member of St. Paul’s Fort Garry parish. She has faithfully served in excess of fifty years on various committees, organizations, task forces, in church councils, and at the grass roots level for a variety of causes.  Motivated by the Gospel message, Donna has impacted many lives and worked tirelessly on behalf of others, seeking justice for all.

Over many years, Donna has been an active member of St. Paul’s Parish Council, chairing the Outreach and Refugee Committees, and she has served as a Synod Delegate on behalf of St. Paul’s. She has taught Sunday School, has been a chorister for years, and is a regular attendee at the Tuesday morning Bible Study group and the Monday evening pot luck supper group.  Donna has been a member of the Diocesan Council, serving with various committees. She Chaired the Outreach Section of the Diocese of Rupert’s Land for several years, and was an active member of the Diocesan Outreach in Mission Committee, giving volunteer leadership in the diocese over a period of many, many years.consecration_detail_2 2

Donna’s involvement is not limited to St. Paul’s.  She currently on the Board of St. Matthew’s-Maryland Community Outreach. Sharing the work of that body with members of St. Paul’s informing them happenings at Community programs. She is also active in the Sisters of the Spirit, Project Peacemakers, and RAR (reflection action).

Cathy Mondor

In 1993 Cathy was invited to serve as Registrar for the Anglican Summer Camp, and thus began her career with the Diocese of Rupert’s Land.   In 1995, she applied for the position of ‘receptionist’ at Anglican Centre and was hired.  Over the past two decades her responsibilities grew as the number of diocesan staff shrank.  The position of receptionist took on greater diversity and responsibility as recognized in a change in title to Office Administrative Assistant and Facilities Manager.

In her 21 years of service and ministry in the Diocesan Office, Cathy has been more than a voicmms_img1719159709e on the phone and a face at the front desk. She has executed her duties with care, far beyond answering phones, greeting visitors, and making photocopies!  She has been hospitality in our diocesan office welcoming people with warmth and often going the extra mile. She feels blessed to have had the opportunity to serve of Christ in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land.

As the Education for Ministry (EFM) Coordinator for Rupert’s Land she has encouraged many to deepen their understanding and faith as disciples of Christ through EFM, and encouraged many graduates to become EFM Mentors.

Cathy has played a significant role in the planning and organizing of many diocesan Synods, Faith Horizons and clergy conferences, paying great attention to detail to ensure the events run smoothly. We wonder what we will do without her when she retires at the end of November!

Susan Suppes

Members of The Order of Rupert’s Land

 – 1984 –

Mr. Arthur U. Chipman, Sr.

The Most Reverend Edward W. Scott

Mr. Donald A. Thompson

-1986 –

Mrs. Janet E. Aime

Mrs. Thelma Wynne

– 1987 –

Mrs. Evelyn Bains

Dr. Lawrence Whytehead

– 1990 –

The Venerable James R. Brown

Mrs. Vera Sim

Mrs. Diana B. Smith

– 1992 –

The Reverend Wesley L. Barrett

– 1996 –

Mrs. Villa E. Baker

Mrs. Gladys E.T. Cook

– 1998 –

Mrs. Mary A. Karle

Mr. Gordon H. Pawling 

– 2002 –

Mr. E. Arthur Braid       

– 2004 –

Mr. Robert N. Clarkson

– 2006 –

Mr. William G. McKay

Mrs. Susan L. Suppes

– 2008 –

Mrs. Myrna Brownlie

Mrs. Patsy Grant

– 2010 –

Mrs. Heather Birtles

The Rev. William (Bill) M.W. Blackburn

Mr. James N. Warrener

– 2012 –

Mr. Bernie Beare

Mrs. Susan Roe-Finlay

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