Order of Rupert’s Land

The Order of Rupert’s Land was established in 1984 by the Bishop of the Diocese.  It is given during
the opening service of diocesan Synod in recognition of outstanding support and leadership in the Church. This year, the Order will be conferred upon Cathy Campbell, Peter Flynn, and Gail Schnabl. The opening service of Synod took place on Thursday, October 20, 7:00 p.m. at St. John’s Cathedral. Many were in attendance to

Left to right: Lorna Howell accepted the award in Cathy Campbell's absence; Peter Flynn, Bishop Donald Phillips, Gail Schnabl
Left to right: Lorna Howell accepted the award in Cathy Campbell’s absence; Peter Flynn, Bishop Donald Phillips, Gail Schnabl

celebrate with Cathy, Peter, and Gail.
Cathy Campbell‘s vision and leadership were instrumental in the transformation of St. Matthew’s Anglican Church into what is now the WestEnd Commons. Previously, Cathy managed a major renovation of the church basement to create the Neighbourhood Resource Centre, providing a newly restored home to St. Matthew’s Maryland Community Ministry. The WestEnd Commons is a multi-purpose complex comprised of 26 affordable housing units for families, dedicated worship space for seven different faith communities, a commercial community kitchen, and office and meeting space.
Cathy has contributed to the life and work of the Diocese generously and faithfully over her 13 year ministry. Her support and leadership have included serving as District Dean for the Central Winnipeg Deanery; membership in the Diocesan Discernment Group on Ordained Ministry; chairing the Diocesan Local Collaborative Ministry consecration_detail_2 2group; participation in the diocesan Theological Education Committee, and writing a portion of the report. Cathy is a nurturer of gifts, advocate for justice, and lover of life.
Peter Flynn was ordained to the priesthood in 1965, and he has always made the connection between the altar and the soup kitchen. His faith and commitment to the Church and social justice have been unwavering in spite of a number of personal challenges and tragedies.
Since the 70’s, Peter has worked to welcome refugees, and has been a member of the Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council. During his years in the River North ministry, he was Director of the NorWest Co-op Health and Social Services Centre. He has often lobbied government on social issues such as French language rights, social assistance, privatization, unemployment, and casinos.
He has provided leadership to St. Matthew’s Maryland Community Ministry; the Diocesan Urban Aboriginal Outreach Ministry; Sunshine House, a drop-in centre for those living with HIV and Hepatitis C; a safe house that provided shelter for neighbourhood children; and a children’s community recreation program.
In 2002, Peter was awarded the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for Community Service. The list of interfaith, ecumenical, and diocesan committees he has been involved in is exhaustive. His entire life has been dedicated to bettering the lives of others.
Gail Schnabl served as the chair of the Crossed Hands Refugee Committee, a joint enterprise between St Matthew’s and St Paul’s, Fort Garry, until 2010, when she became the Refugee Coordinator for the Diocese. As part of this work, Gail has attended national refugee meetings and assisted with sponsorships for a large number of refugees. She also serves on the Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council.
Gail is the secretary of the St. Matthew’s Non Profit Housing Inc., and played a central role in raising over $1,000,000 for the West End Commons. She has organized the policy and procedure manuals for both the WestEnd Commons and St. Matthew’s Maryland Community Ministry.
In her passion for justice and her willingness to serve, Gail is the Primate’s Fund representative at St. Matthew’s, Winnipeg, and the chair of the hospitality ministry. All this happens with calm, skill, and patience. She is able to set priorities and boundaries, making sure people feel heard and included.

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