Prayer for South Sudan

The following letter is from Reuben Garang, the priest at Emmanuel Sudanese Mission in Winnipeg. He requests our prayers for his home country and our brothers and sisters there.

Photo: Prospect Journal

March 5 was the deadline set by the East Africa regional body, IGAD,  for South Sudan’s warring parties to end the conflict and sign a peace agreement in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Nothing happened.  It breaks my heart that nothing has happened and it looks like the principle leaders are not close to agree on anything on the table right now. What this will do is exacerbate the insecurity for the innocent South Sudanese. You know that thousands of our people have been killed and millions are displaced from their homes. The continuation of war will bring more suffering, so it is outraging.
South Sudanese were earnestly waiting and hoping that this month would be the month to end the two years of deadly conflict. But apparently it is not.
For us, we will just keep praying. Thus, we ask those who are concerned about the situation in South Sudan to keep praying with us. We are not losing hope that one day real peace will come to our nation of South Sudan. With God, anything is possible.
Thanks in advance for sharing our prayer request.

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