PWRDF Mapping Exercise: Virtual Edition!

In 2015, as part of its commitment to support the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, PWRDF developed the “education for reconciliation” resource Mapping the Ground We Stand On. This interactive workshop, also known as the Mapping Exercise, invites participants to explore Indigenous presence on the map of Turtle Island/Canada, the history of Settler arrival, and their relationship to one another. It also offers an opportunity for learning and reflection on the concepts of Terra Nullius (empty land), the Doctrine of Discovery, and Indigenous knowledge.

It was introduced to our diocese at Faith Horizons in 2019, with plans to hold it in parishes afterward. Designed as an interactive in-person experience this hasn’t been possible due to the arrival of Covid-19.
But…it has now been adapted for Zoom!

If you would like to present this workshop to your community, you could contact Christine Hills, PWRDF Public Engagement Program Officer: [email protected].

Or, directly email one of Rupert’s Land facilitators: Elizabeth Bonnett ([email protected]) or Rev. Jennifer Marlor ([email protected]).

For more information about the exercise, visit


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