Rupert’s Land PWRDF Reps Meet to Connect, Learn, and Grow Together

Snow and wind gusts did not dissuade 30 people from attending a gathering of Rupert’s Land Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund parish representatives this past Saturday, February 23. We met at St. Peter’s Anglican Church hall in Winnipeg, with Bishop Geoff Woodcroft opening the morning with song and prayer. Bishop Geoff reminded us that PWRDF work involves compassion and empathy, and from that stems passion and joy in the work we do to support it.
Lynne Spiring Whitten, chair of the diocesan PWRDF committee, emceed the day and introduced the rest of the committee to the representatives present. Mike Ziemerink, Communications representative for PWRDF at the national office in Toronto, shared many valuable resources that our reps can use to promote the work of PWRDF and provide ideas for fundraising.
Chris Lea shared how he and his wife Leianne had the opportunity to visit Ethiopia to learn about the work of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank there. Cathy Campbell, PWRDF representative at the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, told PWRDF representatives that there will be a 2019 Grow Hope project, which will build on the success of the inaugural Rupert’s Land Grow Hope project that raised thousands of dollars for PWRDF last year. We were even more excited to hear that Deb, the PWRDF diocesan representative for the Diocese of Brandon, will also be pursuing a Grow Hope project in her diocese!
A lovely lunch was made and provided on site, and little gift bags were given as thank yous and encouragement to those in attendance. Discussion times provided written notes that will be taken to the diocesan PWRDF committee to help guide future events and better support parish representatives. A link to the video compilation of interviews of five parish representatives and the Bishop that was shared at the event will be available through the Rupert’s Land Facebook page. Sections of the day were broadcasted through live Facebook feed. Parish representatives are encouraged to continue connecting with the Rupert’s Land PWRDF Facebook page and the national PWRDF website for resources to support their work. Thank you to all who came, who shared, and who are continuing the work of PWRDF locally and globally. – Tanis Thiessen
You can see more photos from the event at PWRDF Rupert’s Land’s Facebook page.

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