Shekinah: Formation Program for Spiritual Direction

The Shekinah Program is excited to announce that it will be launching its first online version of the program in September 2021.

Br. Don Bisson FMS has described Shekinah as “one of the most creative and cutting-edge programs in North America. Deeply rooted in the Christian- Benedictine tradition of spiritual guidance, it offers wisdom and language from our past, complemented by an intersectional and trauma-informed approach that is necessary for our present. Shekinah actually is one of the most truly wholistic and bridging programs in North America.

As a legacy of St. Benedict’s Monastery, Shekinah is meeting the needs of the Christian community with its combination of ancient, contemplative roots and knowledge of how to build safe containers for conversation in a world that needs the skills of de-centering and compassionate listening.

If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a spiritual director please contact Kalyn Falk: [email protected]

Or, visit the website:


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