St. Chad’s Reaffirms Ministry Relationship with Kirkfield Park United

On Sunday, September 27, members of the vestry and congregation of St. Chad’s took part in celebrating the new ministry of Rev. Dwight Rutherford at Kirkfield Park United Church. The congregation also had a role in the covenanting service between Rev. Dwight, Kirkfield Park United, Gordon Bell United, and the Winnipeg Presbytery of The Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, as they reaffirmed their relationship in ministry. St. Chad’s holds their Sunday worship services in the Kirkfield Park building. The two communities work together on a variety of missional projects, enjoy fellowship, and occasionally worship together.
Members of the leadership teams at St. Chad’s and Kirkfield Park
[box] Promises of St. Chad’s Anglican Church: Leader: Do you, the members of St. Chad’s Anglican Church, affirm the ministries of our respective traditions and communities as we are called to engage int the missio Dei, or mission of God, in this part of Winnipeg, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit? Members of St Chad: We do.[/box]


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