St. James’ Celebrates 165 Years with Primate Fred Hiltz

By on June 27, 2016

The parish of St. James, Winnipeg, celebrated its anniversary in style on Sunday, with dozens of parishioners and guests decked out in period costume at the old church building. Primate Fred Hiltz preached an excellent sermon and was a friendly and welcome face in the Diocese throughout the weekend. Primate Fred met with about 60 parishioners in the Kenora – St. Alban archdeaconry on Friday to discuss the upcoming national synod. He also met with about 70 parishioners in Winnipeg on Saturday, focusing in particular on the conversation about indigenous self-determination on the table for Synod. Asked by one parishioner if voting down the proposed changes to the marriage canon would put away the conversation for good, the Primate responded, “No. It will be back at the 2019 Synod either way.”

St-James-165 (2)
The old St. James’ Church, on the Assiniboine River

St-James-165 (3)
Barbara Walley, Murray Still, Brenda Still, Fred Hiltz, Donald Phillips, Nancy Phillips, Dominique, Christina Fabas-Pirie

St-James-165 (5)
Joanne Johnson, Elizabeth Bonnett, Sandra Toyne

Fred Hiltz, Nancy Phillips, Donald Phillips

St-James-165 (6)
Brenda Still, Vincent Solomon

St-James-165 (1)
Cliff and June Cooke

St-James-165 (4)
Dominique, Barbara Walley, Christina Fabas-Pirie, Donna Stevenson, Joan Ginter, Judith Begg


  • Sara Krahn

    Sara Krahn is the editor of Rupert’s Land News.

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