Moving Toward Synod 2014

Margaret Clarke is Secretary of Synod

The times, they are a-changin’— so goes the old Bob Dylan song.  There is a familiar ring to this phrase as we move toward Synod 2014.  With the arrival of our sisters and brothers from the southern region of Keewatin, now the Kenora St. Alban Archdeaconry, our Synod numbers change and expand. We become a blended family, one that must work together to discern God’s plan for our Church in this diocese. This Synod offers an opportunity to get to know each other, and time has been set aside on the agenda for just this purpose. Another way to welcome our new family members is to offer hospitality: can you offer a billet for one or two delegates? We are seeking accommodation for up to 40 people. Please give the diocesan office a call if you can help: (204) 992-4200.
We are walking in the midst of changing times, just as the first disciples walked, but God is calling us forward into God’s plan for the Church in this place. Synod delegates will be praying, talking, listening — working toward setting directions to help Rupert’s Landers become strong disciples for Jesus. Dean Jim Dugan from St. Alban’s Cathedral in Kenora will lead our biblical reflections throughout Synod. Please pray for all those attending this Synod, that they may be open to the moving of the Spirit.
By now, delegates have received their convening circular and are eagerly perusing the contents. Hopefully, each parish delegation will caucus before Synod to come prepared for discussion and decision-making.  Our theme, Discipleship in 3D: Discovery, Development, Deployment, builds on our work at Synod 2012, where Bishop Donald urged us to “break camp” and move forward into God’s mission.
Observers are welcome to attend any or all sittings of Synod at North Kildonan Mennonite Brethren Church, 1315 Gateway Rd. at Springfield. Synod delegates have (in their convening circular) a copy of the guidelines for observers which will help make the observer experience as meaningful as possible.
The whole diocesan family is most welcome and encouraged to attend the opening service of Synod at St. John’s Cathedral on Thursday, October 16, 7:00 p.m. Bishop Donald will address the assembly, reflecting on the past two years and offering food for thought on the future for our Church. The opening service is also a time when we honour longstanding individual contributions to the life of our Church. The Order of Rupert’s Land will be bestowed on these people. Mark your calendar to attend this special event!

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