Thank You Letter From The Companion Diocese Committee

Dear Friend in Christ,

I wish to share the following note of thanks from the Companion Diocese Committee Chair Chris Barnes . . .

Dear Parishes

Re: Temperature Devices (Electronic Thermometers)

We would like to extend to you our deepest thanks and appreciation for the tremendous response to the request to help our Companion Diocese in Central Buganda. Through your response, we have been able to provide much-needed temperature devices to all the main parishes and many of the smaller mission parishes.

The 33 established parishes were provided for almost immediately and they were able to open their church doors to their communities. In addition, due to your tremendous support, we were able to provide an additional 70 temperature devices to be divided among the mission parishes. Each main parish has a number of mission “daughter” parishes and each was in need of a temperature device.

This essential need not only met the requirement from the government to be able to re-open but has provided some peace of mind for our brothers and sisters to return to the church in midst of the pandemic. Worshipping in the community is such an essential element in their daily walk and our help has been much appreciated.

Bishop Michel Lubowa has shared the following message:

On behalf of Central Buganda Diocese and my own, I need to register our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Diocese of Rupert’s land at large for that gift of love towards our church communities. Please convey our thanks to all our friends who generously gave in their financial support. May the good Lord continue to bless you all especially in this covid 19 pandemic. Yours in Christ.
Bishop Michael Lubowa

If you have any further questions, please contact Chris Barnes (Chair of the Companion Diocese Committee) at 204-489-3390 or [email protected]
Chris Barnes.

And now we thank the Companion Diocese Committee for their commitment and care in providing-for this ministry.

+ Geoffrey

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