The Harvest is in! And What a Harvest it is

2019 Anglican Grow Hope Report
First, the money raised: $19,814.18 has been deposited in PWRDF’s account at the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. This money will go to feed people, to help small hold farmers diversify and grow better crops as well as enhance their livelihoods. Our Diocese – through individuals, parishes and multi-parish events raised $7,462 (or 38 percent of the total). The sale of the canola grown by Chris Lea generated: $5,909 (or 30 percent of the total). Events largely in the Pembina Hills area of our Diocese raised $5,151 (or 30 percent of the total). Finally Nancy Howatt raised a calf for auction and that generated $1,292. People’s generosity is fabulous and all our gifts large and small together add up to fewer people being hungry in our world!
Secondly, our relationships: Over this season, there have been six multi-parish events that we know about. Two parishes in Winnipeg: St. Mary Magdalene and St. Peter’s, organized and hosted wonderful musical events in support of Anglican Grow Hope. St. Luke’s, Pembina Crossing hosted our June Rogation Service and lunch, and St. Thomas, Morden hosted our September Thanksgiving Service. In addition, Manitou United Church hosted a Grow Hope service at which both Chris and Nancy spoke; and Chris, Leianne and Jonathan welcomed a Winnipeg group for an August field day and pot luck picnic. People all over our Diocese have come together in prayer, song and fellowship to share in the work of kingdom. Each event was unique and represent the power of the Spirit to create community.
AND it is important to note that this has been a particularly hard year for our farmers and cattle producers. The wet, cold fall weather has seriously compromised the harvest, but in addition Chris writes: “the farm gate prices on all commodities have been less than stellar this year due to all the trade issues. I am thinking there might be some farm operators quit due to financial reasons, especially in the interlake and eastern regions. The rest will have to do some serious financial restructuring…” Nancy Howatt has also described the struggles facing cattle producers and has said “it will be a long winter for some, who will be short of feed.” Please pray for everyone involved in agricultural production in our Diocese. It is a very difficult time for the farmers and cattle producers in our midst.
Everyone involved with Anglican Grow Hope thanks you for your contribution in making 2019 such a success.

  • Your prayer,
  • your participation,
  • your financial donations

have all made difference and will extend well beyond our diocese to make difference for the most vulnerable around world.
For stories of hope, please head to the websites of PWRDF and Canadian Foodgrains Bank – Cathy Campbell

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