Together We Can Help Those #Unsafeinlockdown

Bishop Geoff Woodcroft and members of St Aidan’s Anglican Church were seen (and heard) cheering on David Pollendine of International Justice Mission as he rode his bike past 274 Campbell Street on July 8. Part of the Just Move campaign to raise awareness for those #unsafeinlockdown, David aims to visit 40 households and work places by bike and cover 400 km by the end of August. The “40” represents the 40.3 million people trapped in slavery around the world.

“In these days of a worldwide pandemic unfortunately home is not safe for everyone. Lock downs and stay-at-home orders have been put in place all around the world to keep people safe. But for many children and women, the lock down has done just the opposite. With so many people trapped at home with an abusive partner, parent or caretaker, there has been an increase in domestic and sexual violence claims since the lock down began,” David explains. “With your support we can change this!”

Click here to support IJM’s work rescuing and restoring people who are #unsafeinlockdown. The organization raises awareness of those out of sight, around the world and in our own communities, who might be in need of help.

“St Aidan’s is honoured to be a supporting church of International Justice Mission and David Pollendine,” says Chris Barnes, Mission Coordinator. “We look forward to continuing our support for IJM in the work they do here in Canada and around the world.” – Lory Persaud

Learn more about IJM Canada’s work here.

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