Update on the Kasaka Water Project

By on October 19, 2018

In June 2018, we ran a story about the Kasaka Water Project, a new program designed to provide clean water to our sister Dioecese of Central Buganda.
Alvin Jacobs has reported that things are going well with this project. Phase One was to find and drill a well. So far, the well has exceeded expectations, supplying up to 4,000 litres of clean water per hour, with a replenishment rate of 45 minutes.
Phase Two of the project is to pump the water, using solar power, up to the community into a seals 24,000 litre tank. This will save the community hours of hauling water from the river. $30,000 is budgeted for this second phase.
How you can help:
1. Pray. Give thanks for the ongoing success of the Kasaka Water Project and pray for safety as workers continue to drill and build the pump.
2. Donate. You can write a cheque through your parish, or donate through the Diocesan website (be sure to mention Kasaka). While any amount is welcome, donations $20 and over will receive a tax deductible receipt.
Many thanks to Alvin Jacobs for the photos.


  • Sara Krahn

    Sara Krahn is the editor of Rupert’s Land News.

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