World Alzheimer’s Month

Winnipeg, MB, Wednesday, September 1, 2021 – Every three seconds, someone in the world develops Alzheimer’s disease. September is World Alzheimer’s Month, an opportunity to talk about dementia, help others understand and let families impacted know that the Alzheimer Society is here to help.

Let’s all GO BLUE FOR ALZ on Tuesday, September 21 for World Alzheimer’s Day to show support for families living with dementia. We hope you will join us by helping us light up the city. If you choose to go blue, you will be joining other landmarks in Manitoba and across Canada to help create awareness about this disease and let families affected know that the Alzheimer Society is here to help.

“We are excited about the support we’ve received from our community,” says Erin Crawford, Program Director, Alzheimer Society of Manitoba. “It’s a great example of how we can come together to create positive change.”

Worldwide, an astounding 50 million are diagnosed. In Manitoba, there are over 23,000 people with dementia and 62% are directly impacted because they have a family member or close friend with the disease. Having a globally coordinated World Alzheimer’s Month sends a strong message to governments and policy makers, alerting them to the fact that dementia is a serious health issue that will have overwhelming implications on services and health systems around the world as the population grows older.

“There are many things happening during the month including an online research forum that will help you decipher the headlines you see in the media, online family education sessions, a fun trivia event and more,” says Crawford. “Follow us on social media to keep on top of it all!”

You can help us by participating and showing support by wearing blue. Please consider asking everyone you know to put on their best blue outfit on September 21! We’ll be wearing blue to show our support! Will you?


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