April Issue: Transitions

  In this month’s issue, an article by Janet Ross from the Centre for Christian Studies shares experiences of transformation from those who’ve participated in leadership and discipleship training at CCS. April is National Poetry Month, and we have included a poem titled “Spring Delight in Praise of God (IV)”

“Disrupt, Heal, and Lead”: An Interview with The Rev. Wilson Akinwale

I sat down to interview The Rev. Wilson Akinwale about his new position as national board chair of the Black Anglicans of Canada. The day before our interview, he also received news of his appointment as the Anglican representative of the board  of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada on

When Faithful Leadership is not Effective Leadership

Photo: Torsten Dederichs By: Cass Smith When we think about influential leaders, we often name Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, or Mahatma Gandhi… people who have created large movements to effect change. We see their faithfulness in partnership with filling a human need – be it feeding the hungry,

Aaron Bushnell and Faithful Service

Image: “The Right to be Held,” poster by Lala Montoya, @the_edge_project, via Artist’s Against Apartheid   It is not enough that the history of Jesus Christ should be objectively revealed to all men, in His resurrection from the dead, as the history of the one man who was faithful to

Two Movies for Lent

Image by Lloyd Dirks   By: Paul Dyck This past week I had opportunity to watch two astonishing movies in the theatre, and it struck me after the second that they had led me into a thoughtfulness appropriate to the season of Lent, that time of contrition in preparation for

March Issue: Faithful Service

In this month’s issue, former RLN editor Jude Claude writes a community catechesis reflecting on Karl Barth’s understanding of the “pistis Christou” debate –  the theological distinction between “faith of Christ” and “faith in Christ” – as it relates to the recent protest by self-immolation of US serviceman Aaron Bushnell.

“A Corner of God’s Glory”: St. Aidan’s Parish Profile

Photo by RLN   Interview with Les, Ruth, and Lynne   RLN: Could you tell me about the name of your parish? Lynne: St. Aidan was known as “the Saint of Surprising Gentleness.” He was a seventh century missionary who came from Ireland. He was a missionary to England primarily

2024 Holy Week Services

Image by James Coleman     St. George’s Transcona Rev Wilson Akinwale presiding   Palm Sunday – March 24 at 10:30 a.m. Maundy Thursday – March 28 at 2:00 p.m. Good Friday – March 29 at 10:30 a.m. Easter Sunday –  March 31 at 11:30 a.m.   St. George’s Crescentwood

Dynevor ‘Indian’ Hospital

Photographer unknown, Dynevor, St Peter fonds (OW.021)   By: Mary Horodyski Many people today are unaware that Canada operated, and in many ways continues to operate, a racially segregated health care system. The Diocese of Rupert’s Land played a role in this long and complicated history by running Dynevor Hospital

Land Acknowledgement as Confession

Image by: Keith Chan   “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1 Peter Flynn points to this opening line of the Gospel of John to emphasize the connection between the word and embodied, Christ-like action in the world.

Who are the other Naullaqs out there?

Photo: Daiwei Lu   By: Chris Trott Modern scholarship in history has taught us that we not only have to critically examine documents from the past, we must also ask ‘What is being left out? What is being erased?’ The study of women’s history, for example, has shown that 51%

February Issue: The Living Past

February is Black History Month! This issue of RLN starts off with a message from the Rev. Wilson Akinwale who was recently elected National Board Chair of the Black Anglicans of Canada and an announcement of an afternoon celebration of Black excellence. Next, Chris Trott discusses the history of Inuit

Caste System or Racial Discrimination?

Image by Nicolas Krebs   By: Edmund Laldin Racial injustice and systematic racism in Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) came up in a recent conversation with a friend. We discussed the causes, symptoms, and perhaps the cure of this horrible sickness in society and in the ACC.

Moving to Flourish in the Spirit

Photo: Scott Evans   By: The Rev. Canon Dr. Murray Still At the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples (ACIP) we continue to work toward self determination within the church. As of the General Synod/Joint Assembly in Calgary in July, we presented The Covenant and Our Way of Life (OWL). For

“Where the Good Way Lies”

Image by maxim bober   By Jane Barter Each of our parishes embraces reconciliation with Indigenous peoples as a value. However, reconciliation is often imagined to be something symbolic and interpersonal. Perhaps it is a change of understanding in which non-Indigenous people come to see their Indigenous neighbours in a

January Issue: Repentance and Renewal

This month’s issue begins with a reflection on Jesus’ baptism from Bishop Geoffrey Woodcroft. He writes about the support each of us need from the collective body of the church in our lifelong journey of discipleship as we renounce our egos through repentance. In the community catechesis, Jane Barter writes

Repentance Changes Our Lives Together

Image by: Jan Canty   I’ve heard the early part of Acts chapter 2, in which Peter tells the people to repent and be baptized, read many times over the years. The latter part of that chapter, which I’ve heard read less often, tells of the daily lives of the



In this month’s issue, an article by Janet Ross from the Centre for Christian Studies shares experiences of transformation from those who’ve participated in leadership and discipleship training at CCS.

April is National Poetry Month, and we have included a poem titled “Spring Delight in Praise of God (IV)” from the book Wonder-work: Selected Sonnets of Catharina Von Greiffenberg co-translated by Joanne Epp, Sally Ito, and Sarah Klassen.

Next, an interview with The Rev. Wilson Akinwale explores his new position as National President and the Board Chair of the Black Anglicans of Canada and his role on the Evangelical Lutheran anti-racism task force. Akinwale speaks to the joys and challenges of these new roles and his hopes for a Black Anglican Church in Canada.

The Rev. Helen Holbrook discusses a recent workshop on change journeys that she led at Holy Trinity aimed at helping parishioners talk through difficult periods of change in their church communities.

The Rev. Theo Robinson shares an announcement of a joint committee struck between Anglicans and Lutherans to respond to rising anti-2SLGTQIA+ rhetoric and provide community support for those within the MNO Synod and the Diocese of Rupert’s Land.

And finally, a parish profile on Stonewall Church of the Ascension offers a window into the faith community of this parish which extends far beyond the walls of the church, into the town of Stonewall and beyond.

I hope you enjoy this month’s articles.

Read and download the April issue here.



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