Let Us Give Thanks: Rev. Deacon Penny Cummine

By: The Rev. Canon Donna Joy After careful prayer and discernment, Rev. Deacon Penny Cummine is stepping down from many of her diaconal ministries at St. Alban’s, Kenora including Outreach Committee, Friday Food with Friends, and weekly vesting at worship along with offering a regular Deacon’s Moment. The goal for

The Thelma Wynne Project Continues On…

By: Marlene Pryzner It has been 40 years since the ministry founded by Thelma Wynne was aptly named “The Thelma Wynne Project” by the Women’s Commission of the Anglican Church. Some history and update on this baby layette project seems timely. Mrs. Thelma Wynne was an active Anglican who, following the

2023 Advent + Special Christmas Services

Image: Gareth Harper St. Aidan’s Anglican Church Messy Christmas Saturday, Dec 9, 4 p.m – 6 p.m. A casual and relaxed evening of crafts, food and fellowship, sharing faith and fun! 0 Antiphons with Holy Eucharist Sunday, Dec 10, 8:30 a.m. Nine Lessons and Carols Friday, Dec 15, 7 p.m.

Saints and the Faithfully Departed

Photo Credit: Jacob Bentzinger By: Matthew Bowman “For to thy faithful people, O Lord, life is changed, not taken away…” (Preface of the Dead, The English Missal). The Christian tradition I grew up in did not have a well-formed theology of the saints. At best, “saints” was an honorific title

November 2023: All Souls

In this month’s issue, Bishop Geoffery Woodcroft writes about discipleship that extends beyond the walls of church buildings. As the institution of the church changes and is in a period of decline, we must continue to go about our work with grace, carrying out the love of God to all

Parish Profile: St. Matthew’s Anglican Church

St. Matthew’s Anglican Church   How does your church community understand “place”?  We are located in the West End neighbourhood of Winnipeg, Manitoba on Treaty One territory. Our location is significant to our identity as our church has been shaped by our surrounding community.   In the 1950s and 60s

Honouring Legacies of Black Anglicans in the ACC

Header Photo: Maud Slats  This article is a continuation of the feature “Dismantling Anti-Black Racism: An Interview with Black Anglicans of Canada, Diocese of Rupert’s Land Chapter” published in RLN’s September Issue. Interview conducted by: Jude Claude and Misha Pensato   Black Anglican Experiences Given the many instances of anti-blackness

Reconsidering What is Sacred

Image: Jonathan Dyck This reflection was given by pastor and theologian David Driedger as the opening remarks for an event titled Which Violence, Whose Safety? hosted by First Mennonite Church. The event was a non-partisan discussion of the political rhetoric around “violent crime” in the lead up to the recent

October 2023: Harvests

A harvest is both a celebration of our work and a promise for the coming season – that even through the dead of winter, there will be enough. In this month’s issue, Bishop Geoff explores the radical hope expressed in the passover story in Exodus, comparing this to other readings

Anglican Journey

Image: Kentaro Toma By: Mark Friesen I was raised in an evangelical Mennonite church in Winnipeg, and in my teen years made this faith my own. This included being baptized in the church and being active in its youth group. This commitment continued into my adult life although at a

Dismantling Anti-Black Racism in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land

Header Photo: Shreyas Kakad This is an incomplete segment of an ongoing piece on the Black Anglicans of Rupert’s Land, Diocese of Rupertsland chapter and its members. October’s issue will continue this article. Interview conducted by:  Jude Claude and Misha Pensato   The Anglican church became a global church in

September 2023: Fruits of the Spirit

What would a society based on the fruits of the spirit look like? What kind of vulnerability and courage would it take to let go of our selfishness, fears, and jealousy? In this month’s Community Catechesis section, drawn from discussions at A Rocha Canada and St Margaret’s Anglican Church’s Be

What Do You Believe?: Prison Abolition and the Quaker Tradition

Header Photo: Markus Spiske By: John Samson Fellows An earlier version of this article was originally published in Quaker Concern by Canadian Friends Service Committee. It has been updated and republished here with permission. The question “What do you believe?” is a challenge for an unprogrammed Quaker like me to

Is the Earth Cursed?

By Deanna Zantingh The text of this article is drawn from a roundtable session of A Rocha Canada and St. Margaret’s Anglican Church’s Be Not Afraid/Consider the Liliesconference. An audio recording of this session can be found here. I stumbled on a publication this week that a former professor of

Grow Hope Continues to Grow

The Grow Hope program continues to flourish and grow in the diocese of Rupert’s Land. The Grow Hope project began several years ago and continues to be a significant PWRDF program within our diocese. The Grow Hope project is designed to help bring rural and city Anglicans together, helping to

Repping Justice and Renewal: R. Susan Smandych on Being a PWRDF Diocesan Representative

Image: Pawel Czerwinski, unsplash.com/@pawel_czerwinski How did you come to be involved with PWRDF? What drew you to become a diocesan representative? In Spring of 2022, Bishop Geoff approached me to see whether I would consider serving as the Diocesan Representative, given my background in international development. I readily agreed, since

Seven Sacred Teachings Event: A Reflection by the People of St. Peter’s

Photo: Raimond Klavins, https://unsplash.com/@raimondklavins Love. Respect. Courage. Honesty. Wisdom. Humility. Truth. All of these virtues were embodied by our Indigenous guests at a well-attended event held in mid-April at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Winnipeg. Elder Mike Monias and Indigenous Cultural Programmer, John McKay, from 1JustCity, along with assistants Marie and


All Souls

In this month’s issue, Bishop Geoffery Woodcroft writes about discipleship that extends beyond the walls of church buildings. As the institution of the church changes and is in a period of decline, we must continue to go about our work with grace, carrying out the love of God to all our relations.

In the community catechesis, Matthew Bowman reflects on the community of saints and the remembering of those who have departed during Allhallowstide.

Reverend Canon Donna Joy writes a profile on Deacon Penny Cumine at St. Alban’s, honouring her legacy of worship leading to faithful service in her abundant ministries in downtown Kenora.

An interview with Ryan Turnbull explores his new position as Disocean Discipleship Developer. Turnbull reflects on the history of the Anglican church that has led us to this present moment and explores how he sees community gathering around the risen Christ and what his hopes are for facilitating greater community knowledge sharing across the Diocese.

At 45 years old, the Thelma Wynne project continues strong. This profile on the work of the project and its founding honours those who have dedicated time and resources to providing care for young mothers in Winnipeg.

And finally, a profile on St. Alban’s Cathedral in Kenora brings light onto the incredible ministry and hospitality of this community. As a companion piece to the profile on Penny Cumine, the profile shares more about the community context and work of this parish.

Read and download November’s issue via PDF here.

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