February Magazine 2023: In the Silence

In the Silence This month, contributors to the magazine converse with silence. In our Community Catechesis section, Phil Barnett writes about the Christian contemplative tradition and introduces readers to spiritual practices of silence. Kirsten Pinto-Gfroerer meditates on silence amid suffering—on “trusting silence” which may sit with pain. Allison Abra and

Parish Profile: St. Mary’s, Sioux Lookout

Our church was built in 1910, when a lady in England donated 50 pounds for the church’s construction. At her request the church was named “St. Mary’s.” The first Anglican service for the church was held in Mullin’s Pool Room on June 5, 1910, led by a Lutheran minister. The

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“It’s Community”: Pat Stewart on the Work of Sunshine House

Sunshine House is self-described as “a community drop-in centre focusing on harm reduction and social inclusion,” which works “to provide programming that fulfills people’s social, community, and recreational needs.” Currently Sunshine House offers several indispensable community programs, including its twice-weekly afternoon drop-in program which provides “space for community members to

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January Magazine 2023

  This month’s issue asks contributors to engage with the question: “What do we understand to be the good news? How is good news embodied in our communities?” Their answers are deeply enriching. In “Becoming Equal Partners in Christ,” Elder Ellen Cook writes about treaty relationships and asks “Have we

A photo taken from the perspective of inside a canoe. The Canoe is on a large body of water, likely a lake. There is a hint of a sunset, and a black silhouette of land in the distance.

Becoming Equal Partners in Christ’s Discipleship

Have we truthfully and wholly begun to travel in two boats side by side as equals without the other trying to steer the other’s boat or canoe? The oldest treaty, the two-row wampum belt, was a treaty between the Dutch and Haudenosaunee in the early 1600’s. The agreement between the

A street photo. In the foreground is a lampost with a circular poster on it which reads "solidarity" in all capital letters.

Community Catechesis: The Gift of Justice

What does it mean to say that grace is a gift? What does grace as gift have to do with justice? When I was growing up I was told that we are all sinners who are unable before God to pay the price of our sins, and so God graciously

“This Generous River”: Makoto Fujimura and Gift Economies

This past April, our community was given the opportunity to gather for a video talk by the esteemed visual artist Makoto Fujimura, on his 2020 book, Art + Faith. The 60 people present were joined by an additional 40 Zoom screens, as we considered together the role of the artist

Sitting With Synod 2022

Rupert’s Land News reached out to various delegates to the 118th Session of the Synod of the Diocese of Rupert’s Land which was held in October of this year, and asked them to respond to these questions about their experiences at Synod 2022: Can you please share: What is your

Venezuela Does Not Give Up

Present situation: Venezuela is currently being subjected to a set of sanctions and an economic-financial blockade imposed by the government of the United States and others. These actions have impacted the conditions and quality of life of the Venezuelan population. Many of the achievements made in previous years in terms

A Sponsorship Connection for Advent: A Family in Venezuela

Advent reminds us to share our abundance for the good of all, and our faith family has several partnerships through which we can do that: our diocesan partnership with the Diocese of Central Buganda, PWRDF (the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund), and Kairos (an ecumenical justice initiative). I offer

December Magazine 2022

Gifts In this month’s issue: Tapji Garba writes in the “Community Catechesis” section about how grace functions as “gift” in the writings of Paul. Next, in “A Sponsorship Connection for Advent: A Family in Venezuela,” Gwen McAllister discusses her long-term, cross-continent friendship with Henry Gómez, and outlines ways our diocese can contribute to the well-being of Henry and

Community Catechesis: Saints

The Anglican stance on saints, compared to that of Roman Catholics and Puritans, has been somewhat indefinite. While Catholics continue to canonize saints through a centralized Vatican run process, the Anglican communion lacks a central curia that could authoritatively canonize a person. In general, Puritans definitively rejected the singling out

The “Beyond Van Gogh Immersive Experience”: a sadness that lasts forever

This article was first published in Canadian Dimension. View the original publication here. Yesterday, I made the terrible decision to attend “Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience.” Terrible because I have become increasingly tired of digital mediation, an aftereffect of almost three years being chained to my desk on Zoom

The Art of Being

“Thank you for being here.” These five words, often expressed at the end of an event or gathering, have come to mean more to me over the years as I’ve worked in Spiritual Care. I have found that the art of “being” with others who are navigating this winding journey

Easy Yoke: The Story of EDGE

And they spake in parables, saying: “A United Church of Canada congregation sayeth, ‘We are dying.’ They cried, ‘We have but 50 bums, only 50 bums in the seats on any given Sunday.’ And verily they were asked: ‘What else have ye?’ And they replied, ‘We have a weekly meditation

November Magazine 2022

The theme for November’s magazine is Saints in Light. The phrase “saints in light,” used in both the Book of Common Prayer and the Book of Alternative Services, can be diversely associated with faith communities, past and present, as well as exemplary individuals commemorated by Christian communities. The phrase is


Songs of Praise

In this issue, Edmund Laldin’s article “Sing a New Song unto the Lord: The Relationship of Music and Liturgy” explores the implications of understanding liturgy as the “work of the people.” He asks important questions about how Anglicans must reflect the full diversity of their congregations through liturgical practice.

Next, three interviews with past synod delegates give insight into the experience of attending synod and the relationship between the institutional practices of the Diocese and their experiences of God within it.

Dr. Ebele Felix’s article “Celebrating the Voices of Black Anglicans” offers possible modifications to the Anglican liturgy to celebrate the voices of Black Anglicans. This article places these modified liturgies in context of the longer history of Black Anglican’s contributions to shaping the Church’s musical identity.

Gary Russell follows up on his Synod interview in an article titled “What is the Anglican Franciscan Order?” Russell describes the journey undertaken by members of the order and calls for those interested to reach out and learn more.

Earlier this year, Archbishop Linda Nicholls invited dioceses to create a Refugee Sunday in the leadup to World Refugee Day. In her article “Why Refugee Sunday?” Marlene Smith writes about the work Anglicans have done through the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) to support refugees. She argues that creating a Refugee Day would help uplift the ministries involved in supporting refugees.

Last, a parish profile on St. Thomas Weston discusses the inspiring work of “christiaction” carried out by this community and invites all readers to join St. Thomas for their Pride Barbecue on June 2nd.

I hope you enjoy this month’s articles.

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