December Issue: Hospitality

In this month’s issue, Bishop Geoffrey Woodcroft writes about Reckless Hospitality that challenges the status quo. While some may question “Why do you risk yourself so boldly? Why do you care?” Woodcroft sees this kind of hospitality as modeled after the way Christ engaged with the world.

Sunder John Boopalan’s community catechesis Moving Beyond the Rhetoric of Christian Hospitality challenges us to embody Christian hospitality in material practice. Rather than seeing hospitality as fitting into an “us” “them” binary, Boopalan writes of how true liberation is bound up in a more fundamental, collective, and reciprocal “we.”

In an interview, Rev. Liz Richens writes about the joining of St. Chad’s and St. Andrew’s as St. Chad’s celebrates 60 years together. Joining communities can provoke big questions and fears about history, identity, and the future. Richens speaks to the work these communities have done to commemorate their distinctive pasts and lay a strong basis for a future together.

In Hospitality Requires Honesty, Andrew Rampton describes how an approach to hospitality that tries to cater everything towards the guest can come off as inauthentic. Rampton challenges Christians to be honest even about the parts of their traditions that they fear will make others uncomfortable as this honestly is really the best way to allow others to get to know who we really are.

The issue closes off with a short index of Advent and Special Christmas Services as a guide for your holiday worship with the Diocese.

Read and download December’s issue via PDF here.


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