March Pastoral Note from the Bishop

March 19, 2021

A message for the Diocese of Rupert’s Land

I write today to express genuine and profound thanks to you. As Christ’s disciples, we have learned to answer new calls to serve and be the Body. You and I have endeavored to reduce the risk of spreading COVID 19, not just for ourselves, but for the wider communities in which we serve.

For some of us, the lessons we gleaned way back in Sunday School prepared us well for our part in ministering through this pandemic. For those of you who have come to the Church later in life, your worship, study, and fellowship have prepared you to serve compassionately in the world. In so many ways our Church has been preparing us all our lives for the extraordinary times we now navigate.

I am grateful for the parishes and missions that have slowly, carefully, and safely begun to return to in-person worship and gatherings. I am grateful for your adherence to safety protocols, healthy education and communication strategies for members, and your zeal for excellence.

I am filled with gratitude for the parishes and missions who continue in dialogue with their communities, weighing risks and information, maintaining the suspension of in-person worship. Your careful deliberation and care are a fine example of our rich tradition.

I remain indebted to the many members across this diocese and our staff who have offered their expertise, advice/wisdom, their labour, and their love in Christ to me. We are many members, and we are One Body; it takes all of us to be the Church.

Finally, fatigue, grief, and the feeling that one is constantly on the edge are common amongst us all. Clergy and lay leaders have had steep learning curves in new technology, innovative ways of connecting and being Church in the wilderness. We grieve the loss of life, relationships, hugs, and kisses. We lament that routines have been upended, plans cancelled, and time has been forgotten, and every day we are hoping for clarity and definition. May we know forgiveness and kindness, and be made to feel less afraid, and raised to that place where we might carefully impart the very same to all who Creator God gives us upon our journey.

In Christ,


March 19 pastoral


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