Parish Profile: St. Mary’s, Sioux Lookout

A photo of a church sign which reads "The Anglican Church Welcome's You. St. Mary's"
Sign for St. Mary’s Sioux Lookout

Our church was built in 1910, when a lady in England donated 50 pounds for the church’s construction. At her request the church was named “St. Mary’s.”

The first Anglican service for the church was held in Mullin’s Pool Room on June 5, 1910, led by a Lutheran minister. The first service in the church took place on July 24, 1910, with 45 people present. The first communion service was then held on September 4, 1910, and included eight communicants. The present church opened on June 1, 1958. A minor fire in 2008 resulted in a complete renovation of the interior of the church.

A photo of the church of St. Mary's Sioux lookout. The church is small and beige with a grey roof. There is a steeple at it's front, with a cross atop it
Church of St Mary’s, Sioux Lookout.

Our church family is best described as welcoming, compassionate, and determined. We serve the municipality of Sioux Lookout and communities to the north, all the way to Hudson Bay. Many people from the north attend Sunday services when in town for medical appointments or to visit family.

Our worship service is traditional and uses the Book of Alternative Services and the Common Praise hymn book. The service is led by our eight-person Ministry Support Team, of which two members are ordained.

One of several quilted banners made by a church parishioner. The parishioner created one for each church season.

The congregation and team support each other. The team also works to encourage families with children. In the last decade 29 young people have been confirmed, and many children have been baptized in our parish. Three or four times a year “Messy Church” is coordinated with members of the United Church in an effort to meet the needs of young families and to connect them with the church.

At the ordination and commissioning of St. Mary’s Ministry Support Team. From left to right:
Muriel Anderson, Bishop Geoff Woodcroft, Bill Morris.

St. Mary’s team has representation on the Pastoral and Palliative Care Team at the local hospital, as well as on the Ministerial Committee. We also participate in several ecumenical services throughout the year, including “Walk with the Cross” on Good Friday, “Candlelight Memorial” the week of Christmas, “Lessons and Carols” on Advent 4, and a service to close the Blueberry Festival in August.

The church’s sanctuary, ready for Christmas amid COVID-19.

St. Mary’s is small but dedicated.

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