May Magazine 2022

What do hope and healing look like within the church, and specifically the Anglican Church of Canada, in our present moment?

May’s issue ventures into this conversation under the theme of “Fissures.”

RLN Reporter at Large Hannah Foulger examines the Safe Church Charter of the Anglican Communion, what the policy means, and how our church communities might move forward in the face of internal violence, discrimination, and sexual abuse.

Susan Smandych of St. Paul’s Fort Garry also examines Anglican church policy in the Charter for Racial Justice in the Anglican Church of Canada. Smandych urges us to consider that anti-racism programming does not go far enough in addressing the role of white privilege in perpetuating racial injustice in our institutions.

Sandwiched between these reviews on policy is a feature on another kind of broken body. RLN interviews Norman Schmidt, a gifted visual artist whose life radically changed in 2008 when he began experiencing violent attacks of vertigo.

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