Australian Bishop Visits Pembina Hills Parishes

Submitted by Joanne Harris The Right Rev. Dr. Peter Stuart, from the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, recently spent a weekend in the Pembina Hills Parishes. He is visiting North America to learn how Anglicans here are carrying out Local Collaborative Ministry (LCM). LCM involves members of

The Ancient Things We Do: Mothering Sunday

A reflection on Mothering Sunday. In churchland we maintain some remarkably odd practices. Take Mothering Sunday, for instance. An odd name for Mother’s Day, I presumed? Nope. Last week my priest buddy, less green and more intense than myself, sent me a text announcing that I needed to find the

Seeking Spiritual Direction

Some years ago, when I was facing a dark time in my life and feeling overwhelmed, I began meeting with a spiritual director. The pace of my life had left me feeling exhausted and began to sap the joy of living. Prayer seemed dry and unsatisfying, and I had begun

Bible & Breakfast

St. John’s College welcomes professor and priest Jane Barter Moulaison for its final Bible & Breakfast of the year on Saturday, March 14, at 9:00 a.m. Jane will be speaking about that confusing epistle, Romans, and looking at it’s relation to the Philosophers. All are welcome! Please RSVP to the

What if I Got Hit by a Bus?

[box] St. Paul’s, Fort Garry, is hosting the personal and family preparedness seminar, “What if I got hit by a Bus?”, March 14, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. The seminar is offered by EmmerickQuality Consulting, and enables participants to think through the planning of personal details in case of personal loss or

Ignatian Spiritual Retreat

The St. Charles Retreat Centre is hosting a seven day retreat based on the Ignition Exercises, April 24-May 1. For more information, or to register, please be in touch with the retreat centre. Download the poster PDF here.

Living Together: Can We?

Join St. John’s College for their annual lecture series, March 16-18, as they welcome Bishop Linda Nichols for a series of conversations on dialogue. The three lectures will consider living in dialogue with self, others, and the world as a Christian community. “Living in Dialogue as Anglicans” will be Monday,

Lenten Series

The Church of St. Stephen and St. Bede presents a Lenten series entitled, “Scriptures Society and Worship”, throughout the month of March, on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. March 2: Michael Wilson, a minister and author, on “A Guided Tour of the Bible” March 9: Charles Huband, from the Queen’s Bench, on “Who is My Neighbour?” March 16: Don McCarthy, professor of philosophy, on “Can Christians Unite?” March

March Magazine 2015

This month’s magazine has a special focus on alternative ministry models. Read the entire thing below and share your comments, reflections and feedback right here.

The Burning Bush: Is the Ten Percent Tithe a Thing of the Past?

This month in the “Burning Bush”, two Rupert’s Landers share their opinions about the traditional tithe. We hear first from Sheila Welbergen, a parishioner at St. Luke’s, Winnipeg, and then from Tony Harwood-Jones, a retired priest. Sheila Welbergen writes that the traditional tithe should be reconsidered. We try to be

Bill C-641 Call to Action

Our national Indigenous Bishop, Mark MacDonald, calls you to action with Bill C-641, a private bill to ensure that Canadian laws are consistent with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The bill was drafted by MP Romeo Saganash, who was part of the negotiations with the UN

For Those Who Follow Jesus

In January 2014, the Winnipeg Free Press reported on a five year study undertaken by the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy at the University of Manitoba. This study examined data from 2008-2013, focusing on 1) the reasons for visits to physicians, 2) medications dispersed by pharmacists, and 3) hospital stays.

Resources for Lent

Are you looking for retreats, devotionals, and other resources to nourish you through Lent? As we walk the 40 days together as a community, consider how you might observe the fast days between Sundays. Below are several opportunities in our diocese and elsewhere. If you have something to add to

Looking for Emerging Artists

Are you a new or emerging artist? We are inviting you to participate in the annual spring Emerging Artists Exhibition and Sale at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, 755 Elm St at Grant Ave, Winnipeg, MB. St. Peter’s is pleased to host another public showcase of emerging artists’ work, Friday April 24, through Sunday

Walking through Lent with Mark

Looking for a short devotional to take you through Lent on the days between Sundays? The Diocese of Niagara has put together a series of short reflections on the Gospel of Mark, intended for daily reflection, beginning with Ash Wednesday. You can download the full set of reflections here.

Following Lazarus Out of the Cave

Traditionally, the Church has assisted in the recovery of mental health by, “the blood of the lamb and the word of their witness” (Rev.12:11), that is, ministering with the sacraments, the scriptures, prayer, and the testimonies of others. The study, “The Prevalence of Religious Coping among Persons with Mental Illness”


All Souls

In this month’s issue, Bishop Geoffery Woodcroft writes about discipleship that extends beyond the walls of church buildings. As the institution of the church changes and is in a period of decline, we must continue to go about our work with grace, carrying out the love of God to all our relations.

In the community catechesis, Matthew Bowman reflects on the community of saints and the remembering of those who have departed during Allhallowstide.

Reverend Canon Donna Joy writes a profile on Deacon Penny Cumine at St. Alban’s, honouring her legacy of worship leading to faithful service in her abundant ministries in downtown Kenora.

An interview with Ryan Turnbull explores his new position as Disocean Discipleship Developer. Turnbull reflects on the history of the Anglican church that has led us to this present moment and explores how he sees community gathering around the risen Christ and what his hopes are for facilitating greater community knowledge sharing across the Diocese.

At 45 years old, the Thelma Wynne project continues strong. This profile on the work of the project and its founding honours those who have dedicated time and resources to providing care for young mothers in Winnipeg.

And finally, a profile on St. Alban’s Cathedral in Kenora brings light onto the incredible ministry and hospitality of this community. As a companion piece to the profile on Penny Cumine, the profile shares more about the community context and work of this parish.

Read and download November’s issue via PDF here.

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