Book Challenge

Brent Neumann is happy to announce that the initial goal of collecting 1000 books has been met! He is continuing to collect donations for the Correctional Centre library over the next couple of months. If you or your parish are interested, please be in touch with him.

The Order of Rupert’s Land

Congratulations to Donna Cawker and Cathy Mondor, who were awarded the Order of Rupert’s Land at Synod this year. The Order of Rupert’s Land was established in 1984 by the Bishop of Rupert’s Land.  It is given in recognition of outstanding support and leadership in the Church. The Order of

Looking at Discipleship

Synod has come and gone for another two years! Some of the highlights: a special musical feature by the Ontario parishes, a motion for parish mental health training and awareness, a guest visit by a bishop from the past, and a beautiful photo display of pictures from the north. See

Growing into Jesus in Portage la Prairie

A few weeks ago, our weekly email announced that there was an EFM graduation at St. Mary’s, la Prairie. Here’s a little more of their story: There was a very happy occasion earlier this spring at St. Mary’s la Prairie Church, Portage la Prairie, when six members of our congregation

Saints’ Stories: Phyllis Keeper

My mom, Phyllis, was born in Big Trout Lake in northern Ontario, and grew up living with her parents, extended family and community.  She came from a long line of chiefs, hunters and spiritual leaders. She went onto reflect this ancestry in every aspect of her life as a wife,

St. Paul’s Baie St. Paul Anniversary

St. Paul’s, Baie St. Paul, (near Poplar Point, Manitoba) had an anniversary service Sept 21. The church has finished rennovations and was ready to share in celebration.  They had 72 people and the parking lot overflowed. Rev. Webster led the service. The weather cleared into the most beautiful sunny day,

Here Endeth the Lessons

It is hard to believe that it has been four years since the St. Matthew’s Education for Ministry (EFM) group shyly and anxiously walked into the upper room for our first EFM class. But regardless of our trepidation, we quickly began to feel that this group had come together at

The Parable of Musical Theatre

Can musical theatre have anything to do with faith development? For some people, the term ‘musical’ recalls entertaining productions such as those created by Noel Coward, the Gershwins and Flo Ziegfeld: light hearted, fanciful, and designed to take people’s mind off the difficulties of the depression and war. They tended

Transitions at St. Michael’s

On September 8, Father Will moved back to his home in Edmonton. He insists that he intends to take at least a month or two off to relax, but considering he retired in 2010 and has had a number of interim roles since, it seems unlikely he will remain idle

Empty Food Cupboard

The food cupboard at St. Matthew’s Maryland Community Ministry is running very low! Below is a list of their most pressing needs, for the people who need them most.

Diane Panting joins the servant team!

Diane Panting was ordained to the diaconate at St. John’s Cathedral on Sunday with a large crowd cheering her on. Scroll through the pictures below and continue to hold Di in prayer as she begins this new kind of ministry at St. Peter’s in Winnipeg.

October Magazine

The October magazine is now available online! See the full issue below.

Moving Toward Synod 2014

The times, they are a-changin’— so goes the old Bob Dylan song.  There is a familiar ring to this phrase as we move toward Synod 2014.  With the arrival of our sisters and brothers from the southern region of Keewatin, now the Kenora St. Alban Archdeaconry, our Synod numbers change and

St. Matthew’s Consecration & Ordination

After many months of dreaming, praying, and waiting amidst drywall dust, St. Matthew’s has a new worship space! Gwen McAllister was ordained to the transitional diaconate on Monday in a ceremony which consecrated the new worship space and confirmed young Natasha Bighetty in the Church. The Primate, Fred Hiltz, was

The Family Expands

  It’s official! Rupert’s Land welcomed 12 new parishes located east of Winnipeg on August 1. The largest of these is St. Alban’s Cathedral in Kenora, Ontario, the centre of the former Diocese of Keewatin. The northern part of Keewatin was named “Mishamikoweesh,” the first indigenous diocese in the country,

Pilgrimage: new music from Steve Bell

The September 15, 2014 release of the four CD set Pilgrimage finds Steve Bell celebrating not only the twenty-fifth anniversary of the release of his first solo project, Comfort My People, but also marking a brief stopping place along his 25 year personal and spiritual pilgrimage as a musical truth-teller.

September Magazine online

Read the September issue of the new Rupert’s Land New online in a new format that includes links and works well on your computer or mobile device.

Renos finished

At long last! St. Matthews is looking forward to the consecration of their new worship space. The service will be in conjunction with Gwen McAllister’s ordination to the transitional diaconate on Monday, September 22nd at 7:00 p.m. All are welcome at 641 St. Matthew’s Avenue.



What is it which we as Christians are called to? This month’s issue of RLN deals with questions of Christian commission.

In our Community Catechesis section, Ryan Turnbull deals with the question of Christian calling in the face of climate crisis, and considers what it might mean for our faith communities to act in true solidarity with the earth and with our creaturely others, close and far away.

Next, David Driedger writes on how Christian daily life engages with the events of Easter, with Christian faith functioning as continual workshopping of the resurrection.

Then, May’s issue presents an interview with Gary Russell on his work Radical Grace and the Economy, which posits that our calling as Christians puts us at odds with the logics of dominant economic systems.

Finally, youth from St. Margaret’s Anglican church reflect on their experiences traveling the El Camino, and the complexities of Christian pilgrimage, literal and spiritual. 

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