Laudato Si: Pope Francis on the Ecological Crisis

Anthony Waterman is Professor Emeritus in Economics at St. John’s College. Here, he addressed Laudato Si, the papal encyclical on the environment and human ecology. It can be found at “The Ecological Society of America commends Pope Francis for his insightful encyclical on the environment… The Pope is clearly

Ancestors of the Faith: Richard Hooker

Many Anglicans will have read some of Richard Hooker’s writings, although he is now mostly known by reputation (1554-1600). His major work, The Lawes of Ecclesiastical Politie, was published over a period of years beginning in 1593. Hooker was a complex, brilliant theologian and widely read. Born in Exeter, Devon,

Intro to Christian Meditation

“Be still and know that I am God” A six week introductory course is being offered in four Anglican churches beginning in the week of October 12: St Luke’s, 130 Nassau St N Monday 9:15 a.m. [email protected] St Peter’s,  755 Elm St Tuesday 10:00 a.m. [email protected] St Paul’s, 830 North Dr

Centre for Christian Studies Hires Two New Staff

September 10, 2015 Winnipeg, MB – The Centre for Christian Studies is thrilled to announce that Janet Ross and David Lappano will be joining its Program Staff team. After an extensive search process, we believe that David and Janet bring a depth of skills and knowledge that will nicely complement the existing

Discovering Vocation

Kirsten Pinto Gfroerer One day when I was twenty, I found myself sitting in the sunlight on the kitchen floor, deep in conversation with my brother. I am not sure if we were arguing or simply exploring a thought. However, in the midst of the dialogue, I unwittingly said the words

Back to School: St. Aidan’s Downtown

The happy laughter of children is a common sound to come ringing through the halls of Calvary Temple on a Sunday, but to hear it on a Monday morning feels a bit unusual. St. Aidan’s Christian School opened its second campus at the downtown, Winnipeg, church three years ago with

International Justice Camp

The Synod of the Diocese of Niagara MEDIA RELEASE Next Justice Camp to take place in Cuba HAMILTON, ONTARIO – The first-ever international Justice Camp will bring together a diverse group of Anglicans in Cuba next May to explore the concept of the common good with an eye towards furthering

September Magazine

The September magazine is now completely online. If you’re new to reading online, watch this short tutorial with a few tips. If you’d like to download it to your computer for reading later or printing instead of reading the copy below, you can open the pdf here.

Letter to Rupert’s Land Re: Syrian Refugee Crisis

August, 2015 Letter to Parishes of the Diocese of Rupert’s Land Re: Syrian Refugees Dear Friends in the Diocese, I am writing to each congregations in the Diocese about the crisis we see and hear about nightly on our newscasts – the plight of 4 million Syrian refugees. I am hoping

Shaking Things Up: clergy changes across the Diocese

There are several new placements and ministries happening across the Diocese this fall.  Liz Richens begins her appointment as Incumbent at St. Stephen’s, Winnipeg, September 1 Wayne McIntosh begins his appointment as Incumbent at St. Francis’, Winnipeg, September 1 Karine Snowdon begins her appointment as Interim Priest at Holy Trinity,

Cancer Support Group

St. Luke’s, Winnipeg, is hosting a Christian cancer support group twice a month for those suffering from the illness, their families, and caretakers. All are welcome to join the group on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 10:00 a.m. For more information, please email the church or call (204) 452-3609.

Reading the Magazine Online: a tutorial

The monthly magazine has now moved completely online. If reading online is new for you, or if you’d like to print it off for reading at home, watch this short tutorial for a few tips. Please share the video with anyone who might benefit from a bit more information about

I Will Not Be Shaken: a songwriter’s journey through the Psalms

[box] This is the perfect way truly to HEAR the Psalms — with scholarship and music, with mind and heart, with intelligence and emotion, with our whole unified soul! — Marva Dawn, theologian, speaker, and author[/box] I have to confess that it felt slightly surreal to finally hold a copy

Emmanuel Summer Learning Program

Update: the 2016 summer program needs your help! If you’re able to help with grant writing, summer planning, or the camp itself, please contact Ruben Garang. Emmanuel Mission is pleased to be offering their summer learning program again this year, held at Mulvey School in Winnipeg. The program, which runs for

Shoal Lake Freedom Road

Musician Steve Bell has written the following letter to Rupert’s Land News, calling for Anglicans to get involved in the push for a road and bridge to Shoal Lake: Shoal Lake is the First Nations community that was displaced 100 years ago so Winnipeg could build an aqueduct for our

Summer Ordination

There was a full house at St. John’s Cathedral on Tuesday as Bonnie Dowling and Abraham (Monybony) Kuol Chuol were ordained to the priesthood, and Dan Thagard and Lorna Howell were ordained to the diaconate. It was a joyful celebration- congratulations, Bonnie, Abraham, Dan, and Lorna! Please keep these four

Indigenous Spiritual and Pastoral Care Grads

The United Centre for Theological Studies graduated its first five students with a diploma in Indigenous Spiritual and Pastoral Care this spring. The diploma was created by the University of Winnipeg to train students as spiritual care providers in hospitals, jails, and missions. The instructors are proud of the students, who worked hard over

Province of Rupert’s Land Elects New Metropolitan

On Thursday, June 18, the Provincial Synod of Rupert’s Land elected a new Metropolitan, Archbishop Greg Kerr-Wilson of the Diocese of Calgary. As Metropolitan, Greg with continue in his role as bishop of that diocese. He transferred to Calgary three years ago after six years as the Bishop of Qu’Appelle,



We start this month’s issue off with an article from the Rev. Theo Robinson on the resolution at General Synod on Pastoral Liturgies for Journeys for Gender Transition and Affirmation. This article explores the context leading up to the resolution and the good news of the Anglican Church of Canada becoming the first in the worldwide communion of Anglican Churches to have a pastoral liturgy for gender transition.

Next, the Rev. Dixie Bird describes the experiences and teachings shared at Sacred Beginnings. Sacred Beginnings is an embryo of Sacred Circle for youth to learn traditional teachings and get involved in the work being done by Indigenous Anglicans and just had its second gathering in May this year.

The Rev. Alan Hayes reflects on the 1963 Anglican Congress in Toronto which was a turning point in Anglican history and began significant conversations about decolonization and the Anglican Church’s relationship with the British empire. A recent conference marking 60 years since this congress has brought forward reflections on what has changed in the Anglican church in the intervening years.

A note from Refugee Coordinator Marlene Smith invites you to the diocese’s marking of World Refugee Day on June 23rd at Epiphany Indigenous Church. This day is meant as an invitation to “welcome the stranger” and calls us to explore the relationship between moving towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and supporting those displaced by war abroad.

Robyn Sulkko of the PWRDF youth council announces their 12 month Youth to Youth program which provides opportunities for people ages 12-16 to learn about each other’s cultures and build right relationships with each other.

Finally, a parish profile on St. Michael and All Angels’ explores how that community’s unique Anglo-Catholic worship connects with both retired clergy and congregants in their 20s all looking to worship with all the senses in a context outside of the business of daily life.

I hope you enjoy this month’s articles.


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