Shekinah: Formation Program for Spiritual Direction

The Shekinah Program is excited to announce that it will be launching its first online version of the program in September 2021. Br. Don Bisson FMS has described Shekinah as “one of the most creative and cutting-edge programs in North America. Deeply rooted in the Christian- Benedictine tradition of spiritual guidance, it

Dance Then, Whoever You May Be

I am a Certified Spiritual Health Practitioner (SHP) working in long-term care. In this age of COVID-19, I have never felt so needed and so helpless all at the same time. We, as SHPs, have the privilege of working in the homes of the people we serve. Our residents allow us into their

May 2021 Magazine

For May, we’re looking at the importance of ritual in the midst of upheaval, and ritual as a form of spiritual care. This issue features contributions from four spiritual care workers, along with a couple of reports from the Archives Committee. Chris Salstrom writes about a spontaneous ritual that sprang up

Jamie Howison Publishes New Book on Healing & Solitude

A Kind of Solitude: How Pacing the Cage with an Icon and The Book of Common Prayer Restored My Soul Six months into a deep personal crisis occasioned by the unexpected end of his marriage, Jamie Howison traveled halfway across the continent to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to engage in a

Alzheimer Society Challenges You To Walk Your Way in May

Winnipeg, MB, April 26, 2021– The Alzheimer Society challenges you to Walk Your Way in May by participating in the IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s ONLINE! Go for a walk, run, bike ride or create a fun challenge! The sky’s the limit because together we CAN make a difference for Manitobans living with

Dr. Allison Abra Appointed New Warden & Vice Chancellor of St. John’s College

The Chancellor Bishop Geoffrey Woodcroft and Chair of Council Ven. Godfrey Mawejje are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Allison Abra as the new Warden and Vice-Chancellor of St. John’s College for a five-year term. Dr. Abra [BA/99], a fourth-generation Johnian, returns to Winnipeg, Manitoba and to St. John’s

Report from the Refugee Ministry

REFUGEE MINISTRY–Diocese of Rupert’s Land April 4 of this year was Refugee Rights Day, so it seems fitting to provide some information on the history of Refugee Sponsorship in this country and specifically, in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land. Canada is the first country in the world to have a

The Language of Praise: how we sing is how we see

In the old Newtonian paradigm, we perceived a billiard ball universe. A closed system machine that was predictable. That paradigm was so set, that we didn’t even bother to ask which billiard cues were hitting which balls. Now that we live in a post-Einsteinian world, we know that energy is

Music Revives My Soul

It can be difficult to find peace amidst the busy-ness of life. For me, one of the guaranteed times that have I found peace is in Sunday worship. The joining of souls in common worship, the saying in unison of prayers and creeds, the singing of thought-provoking hymns, and the communion around the table have been a weekly resetting of my life for over a

Ministry Opportunity: St Andrew, Woodhaven, Winnipeg – Full-time Incumbent

St. Andrew, Woodhaven, Winnipeg – Full-Time Incumbent Executive Summary – St. Andrew, Woodhaven, Winnipeg The parishioners of St. Andrew’s Woodhaven Anglican Church in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, are a committed, enthusiastic group of worshippers. We love our church family! We care about each other and are active in each other’s lives.

Feature Poetry

The following poems are written by members of a Lenten Poetry Group from the Parish of St. Margaret. Photography: Nikaela Peters Oneing (a brief encounter with union) I am pregnant with pause my hands, palms up, palms down I wane and unfurl and wait for the in pour Or for

AFC Calls For “Courageous, Creative, Response” For Children & Youth

TORONTO, ON, Tuesday, April 6, 2021—The Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC) is using the 10th anniversary of the Kids Helping Kids Fund (KHK) to launch Say Yes! to Kids—a campaign to raise $100,000 to fund post-pandemic programs for children, youth, and young adults in Canada. Scheduled to run from April

“For God alone my soul in silence waits” (Psalm 62: 1-9)

We all have periods in our lives when we feel trapped and powerless—certain that anything we might try to say or do to redeem ourselves, or to correct a misunderstanding, will only worsen the situation.  This could be a strained relationship with a friend or family member.  It could be a serious misunderstanding

April 2021 Magazine

For April’s issue we’re meditating on Bread in the Wilderness or less formal litanies of praise as we encounter them in our everyday. In our first feature, Donald Phillips speaks through the voice of Psalm 62, as he invites reflection on the solitary nature of suffering. Then, we are treated to the

COVID 19 Changes in Ontario

Attention Colleagues in North-Western Ontario, As COVID-19 cases continue to rise at an alarming rate, an Ontario province-wide emergency brake is in effect as of Saturday, April 3, at 12:01 a.m.  Starting April 3, the COVID-19 Response Framework (colour-coded zones) is paused.  The impacts of these measures will be evaluated

The Apostle Paul: Prisoner for Christ

Of the one hundred or so references to prisons, imprisonment, or prisoners in the New Testament, nowhere is the prisoner denigrated and the imprisonment or the prison system positively affirmed. This is astonishing and already tells us very much: the New Testament comes from the underside of structures of power and control. Indeed, in repeated instances, the reader is advised to take special

Holy Week in Rupert’s Land

Holy Week at 935 Nesbitt Bay (Diocesan Office) Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Holy Week: Pre-recorded services. Click here to view. We are also broadcasting services Live @ 935 through Triduum: click Here to join via Twitch TV. Maundy Thursday: 7:30 p.m. Good Friday: 10:00 a.m. Holy Saturday Easter Vigil: 8:00


Sins of the Heart

This issue features contributions concerned with “sins of the heart.”

In our Community Catechesis section, Gwen McAllister introduces readers to the Korean concept of han and its connection to sin, as outlined by theologian Andrew Sung Park.

Then, Merrill Grant, Kaitlyn Duthie-Kannikkatt, and Sandra Bender each reflect on institutional sin in relation to the well-being of sex and gender diverse populations.

Next, RLN features a generative art piece by artist Megan Krause, whose work offers meditations on “the push and pull that happens between humans and nature” and the “unrelenting power of nature and the respect it deserves”.

Finally, this issue concludes with a review of Dr. J. Kameron Carter’s webinar From the Religion of Whiteness to Religion Otherwise.

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